Unique to Galaxy on Fire 2 are blueprints that produce a more advanced item, usually from common materials. Many can be purchased from dealers in space lounges around the galaxy, but all blueprints significant to the story are received at no cost.

Manufacturing ProcessEdit

All blueprints owned by the player appear in the "Blueprints" tab of the "Hangar" menu. If the cargo bay has any component of a blueprint, the name of that blueprint will appear in green, indicating that production can begin/resume. Otherwise, the blueprint name appears in white text.

Blueprint components can be obtained by various methods:

Once production from a blueprint has begun (when any quantity of any component is committed to the blueprint), it is tied to the station where production was started. An incomplete product cannot be moved or aborted while under production, nor can the same blueprint be used to start production at another station, until completion of the existing build for that blueprint (regardless of whether the player has taken possession of the product).

The player may freely travel around the galaxy collecting components, and either bring them back to the producing station in their own cargo hold (adding them from the Blueprint screen when docked at that station), or (with the exception of volatile goods such as Red Plasma) pay a shipping fee of 200$/t to send them from any other station in the galaxy, regardless of distance. It is advised that players start production at an easily accessible station to minimize shipping fees.

Once all the components are added, the product is completed. 

  • If the player is at the producing station, it is immediately transferred to the ship's cargo hold. 
  • Otherwise, the completed product is moved to a second list at the bottom of the Blueprints screen, in addition to the normal position where another production run can begin. A special flag appears on the Map screen where a finished product is ready for pickup. The next time the player docks at that station, the product is automatically transferred to the cargo hold.


As of V1.1.5 on GOF2 HD, a new "Autocomplete" feature has been added. Autocomplete allows you to complete any blueprint without actually finding all the resources needed. The price to autocomplete is significantly higher than the actual product so players can't abuse it. On normal and hard difficulty, the price to autocomplete ranges from 1.5 to 2 times the total sum of the average prices of the materials.  On Extreme difficulty, it costs 2.5 to 3 times more.

What this means:

If a blueprint needed 5 Explosives, 10 Towels, and 2 Basic Food, and Explosives cost $10/t-$16/t, Towels $2/t-$4/t, and Basic Food $1/t-$2/t, 

you would take the average of Explosives and mutiply by 5 = $13 * 5 = $65,

then take the average of Basic Food and multiply by 2 = $1.5 *2 = $3,

and then the average of Towels and multiply by 10 = $3 * 10 = $30.

Then you add them all together = $65+$3+$30 = $98.

For the lowest autocomplete price, multiply by 1.5 = $147

For the maximum autocomplete price, multiply by 2 = $196 (Normal/Hard)

Obtaining BlueprintsEdit

13 blueprints were available in Galaxy on Fire 2, 4 were added in the Valkyrie DLC (indicated by  V  here), and 8 were added in the Supernova DLC ( S ).

Most of the blueprints are purchased in the Space Lounge of the station at the indicated planet, but some are given at no cost in credits based on certain events. In the case of the Liberator, either of these methods can be chosen, allowing the player to pay a million-credit premium to obtain the weapon before the triggering event in the story line provides it at no charge. Finally, the Supernova DLC introduces the "hacking" mini-game, by which several of the late-game blueprints are secured. This table indicates how to obtain each blueprint, and an analysis of profit potential for most:

Obtained at Price/
Profit Potential Analysis
System Planet Min. Min/t Max. Max/t Avg. Avg/t
Amour Rocket[10x] Buntta Arpalys 1,999 (loss)
Intelli Jet[10x]* Wolf-Reiser Thynome   (loss) 1,255 179 510 73
AMR Extinctor[10x]* Pan Decimus 5,999 13,133 151 24,981 287 19,057 219
Oom'bak L'ikirr
128MJ Railgun Eanya Kallsta Omba 19,999 6,501 138 17,934 382 12,217 259
H'nookk Behén Duhnu 36,998 19,292 439 32,438 772 25,865 616
Yin Co. Shadow Ninja K'ontrr E'kkide 39,999 19,387 117 54,998 333 37,192 225
M6 A3 "Wolverine" Suteo Géhlon 49,999 8,949 203 28,166 640 18,558 421
Fluxed Matter Shield Ni'mrrod K'ane 59,999 17,796 56 86,767 271 52,281 163
Rhoda Blackhole Pescal Inartu Festus 39,999 18,157 106 48,780 284 33,469 195
Khador Drive** Wolf-Reiser Thynome Storyline 210,426 690 299,806 983 255,116 836
Mass Driver MD 10 ø Y'mirr K'mirkk 59,999 51,000 342 91,650 615 71,325 478
T'yol Rr'ostam 79,999 62,203 389 115,356 721 88,779 555
Gunant's Drill ø Mido Var Hastra 129,999 67,122 216 188,881 609 128,002 413
Icarus Heavy AS**  V  Loma Var Destro 200,000 207,811 1,071 309,729 1,597 258,770 1,334
HH-AT "Archimedes"** V  Quineros 700,000 293,230 1,481 562,944 2,843 428,087 2,162
Liberator[10x]  V  Sao Perula 1,000,000 28,929 333 61,846 711 45,388 522
ø Her Jaza Valkyrie Storyline
Disruptor Laser**  V  Vulpes Inari Onu Storyline 239,788 1,355 355,026 2,005 297,407 1,680
Gamma Shield II  S  Wolf-Reiser Thynome Storyline 2,789 62 15,940 354 9,365 208
Chromo Plasma  S  Ginoya Var Lupra Storyline 269,510 73 342,870 93 306,190 83
Ion Lambda MK2[10x]  S  ø Alda Merxde Hack
(loss) 5,900 140 598 14
Pandora Leech  S  Selbah (loss) 45,887 330 21,582 155
Shock Blast[10x]¶  S  ø Skor Terpa Bervegor 27,686 208 57,057 429 42,372 319
Particle Shield  S  Wah'norr Va'lerrm (loss) 128,210 275 60,551 130
Phoenix SIS  S  Paréah Shelén 341,414 9,484 370,219 10,284 355,817 9,884
Fireworks[10x]  S  Earn all Gold and Orange medals 48,473 4,407 76,005 6,910 62,239 5,658
[10x] Secondary Weapon blueprints produce 10 units on completion. Profit analysis based on sale of all 10 units.
* These blueprints have been found in several places. This does not mean that their location is random but only that sellers can appear on one of several stations.
** Profit analysis based on 62 Void Crystals and 1 Void Essence for the cost of 5 Energy Cells.
Plasma cost based on 25t of Plasma for the expenditure of one Ion Lambda MK1 missile. Profit/t for Phoenix SIS and Fireworks skewed by counting Chromo Plasma as 1t instead of the 3668t of individual colored Plasma.
ø System not part of the Jumpgate network, reachable only via Khador Drive

Minimum profit is calculated by having all ingredients bought at Loma, all shipped from another system, and the product sold at lowest price. Maximum profit assumes all ingredients purchased minimum price, all ores mined at no cost in credits, constructed with no shipping costs, and the product sold at the highest known price (typically Loma). The average profit is the arithmetic mean of these two values (computed by adding them, then dividing by two), and can be less than half of the maximum profit if the minimum is actually a loss.