Brent Snocom
Brent Snocom in Galaxy on Fire 2








Deceased (as of Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore Rising)





Snocom in GoF1

Brent Snocom was very familiar with Keith T. Maxwell from his Terran Fleet days when he was chief security officer. More than once he had to throw Maxwell in the brig after a wild post-battle celebration or drunken brawl. So imagine his surprise on encountering him decades later in a far flung part of the galaxy, an old man facing a man who hasn't aged at all. Snocom is a heavily modified Cyborg-Terran, a process which began with a youthful accident.


Snocom in GoF2

Despite this minor handicap, Snocom is now engaged as the Chief of the Interstellar Security Agency and watches from his outpost on Alioth station. He has been a strict career soldier and attained the position of Lieutenant Commander. He holds some admiration for the Midorian rebels, but is a Terran true and blue.


In the GOF1 era Brent Snocom is a security officer of the Terran Space Fleet. When Keith T. Maxwell runs into Snocom in the GOF2 era, Snocom has been promoted to the Chief of the Interstellar Security Agency and watches from Alioth station.


Keith meets a young Brent, who's totally into gold.

Brent plays a medium sized role in the original campaign for GOF2. He first informs Keith about the Voids. Brent does not play a role in the Valkyrie expansion pack, but plays a bigger part in the Supernova expansion pack. Sometime between GOF2 and Galaxy On Fire 3: Manticore, brent supposedly passed away, and his granddaughter, Hayley Snocom, was taken care of by Bryce Vantok.


  • Brent has a very oblong head in GOF1 while in GOF2 he has a much more normal oval head.
  • Brent seems to be in his 80s or 90s as said in the description.
  • In Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore, Brent is mentioned to has a granddaughter, Haley Snocom a.k.a. "Manticore", who once served the mercenary squad that the player would join and had her callsign replaced the name of the squad's carrier. She is also being the main character of GoF 3: Manticore Rising, a short, Apple TV-exclusive prequel of GOF3.
  • Noting the 35 years difference between Galaxy on Fire 3D and Galaxy on Fire 2, Brent hasn't shown signs of aging.