The Credit is currency, largely wanted by all factions in the known universe as payment for goods and services. Credits are electronically kept in an unknown location, and cannot be stolen nor taken away by means of tampering. There are many ways to make credits, including trading commodities, doing missions, or even tractoring goods from space and selling them.

Credits also appear in GOFA, where they are used to speed up training and construction. The player can also make a 'black market transaction' using credits to increase his planet, carrier and ship limit, as well as buy artifacts.

However, in Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore, credits are not the only currency used in the Neox Sector; Mhaan-tiq is also used.


  • The symbol for the credit, $, is the same as the dollar here on Earth.
  • You'll receive 40k credits from Deep Science after beating the base game.
  • You will also get 20k credits if you destroy a pirate hideout.
  • As your player level increases (you can see current level on the "status" screen), missions available in the Space Lounge yield more credits - a level 20 player can earn $180,000 or more in a single mission if they have a 100% standing (alliegance) to the faction offering the mission.