A Terran cyborg with external cybernetic implants

Technically Cyborgs are not a species of its own as any species can be a Cyborg with cybernetic implants. With that said, Cyborgs are almost strictly all Terran. Depending on the implants each Cyborg has, they could appear just like a member of their species.

Much technological advances were made in the 35 years between GOF1 and GOF2 and as a result, cybernetic implants are have become less visible.


  • While doing an escort mission in GoF2 for the Cyborgs, the scan shows no symbol, but the race "Cyborg", and pirates are the ones attacking the freighters.
  • While they control no sectors of space, Cyborgs can be considered a faction because they give out their own missions that do not affect reputation with any of the main factions.

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