Energy Cells
Energy Cells in Galaxy on Fire 2



Tech Level


Known GoF2 Price Range

-> 549$ (Behén)
-> 712$ (Ni'mrrod)

GoF 3D™ Price

250 Cr.

GoF2 HD (Android) Price Range

-> 1.381$ (Behén)
-> 1.529$ (K'ontrr)

GoF1: "Energy cells are among the most widely used energy sources in the galaxy."

GoF2: "These small cells save a tremendous amount of energy that can be released when needed. Energy cells are highly standardized, and can be connected to almost any device."

–In-Game Description

Energy Cells are a commodity in the Galaxy on Fire universe. It is used to power high-powered equipment such as the Khador Drive and Cloaks.


The prices in GOF2 Full HD for PC and Mac are much lower than in GOF2 for iOS and Android. On the PC, the prices range from 266$ in Behén to 366$ in Ni'mrrod.

Energy Cells are probably the most useful commodity in the game, you can use drives and cloaks as well as other things.

Energy cells are important for pilots that use the Khador Drive a lot or use cloaking devices to avoid firefights. Buy lots of them and store them. They could save your life by using them for the Khador Drive and cloaks, so make sure you do not run out of them.


Energy cells are not very hard to find and are used to power several devices like the Khador Drive or Cloaks. They are also sometimes necessary for the construction of several blueprint items:

Qty. Blueprint
1t Amour Rocket
5t M6 A3 "Wolverine"
8t H'nookk
11t 128MJ Railgun
17t Rhoda Blackhole
20t Icarus Heavy AS
25t Phoenix SIS
31t Mass Driver MD 10
40t Pandora Leech
45t Disruptor Laser
80t Particle Shield