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Welcome to the Galaxy on Fire Wiki! We are the best source of info on DSFishlabs' games Galaxy on Fire 3D, Galaxy on Fire 2, Galaxy on Fire: Alliances and Galaxy on Fire 3. We currently have 848 articles on the wiki, since August 2010.

This Wiki has been somewhat defunct for a couple of years now, but you can find a few users floating around very so often. We've mostly migrated to Discord now, and are more active than ever. Feel free to join!

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Galaxy on Fire 3

Galaxy on Fire: Alliances



A fan-made 'spiritual successor' to Galaxy on Fire 2 is currently being developed by user Geometry Prime. If you want to support him, feel free to join the Millikan's Reach Subreddit to be kept up-to-date with the development.

Did You Know?

  • ...that Keith T. Maxwell is referenced in the game Everspace, which was created by the developers of GoF?
  • ...that there is a troll face hidden in one of the Midorian Freighters in the Supernova campaign?
  • ...that AMR Sabers were originally rejected bra bombs that were incredibly rare to find?
  • ...that The Manticore's Hangar 18 is a reference to the band Megadeth?
  • ...that is is possible to modify assets?

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Until recently (early 2019), modifying Galaxy on Fire, specifically Galaxy on Fire 2, was not heard of. A few members on the Discord took it upon themselves to crack into the root files of the app, and see what assets they could manipulate using a hex editor, as well as other tools.


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