Gunant's Drill
Gunants drill 250
Gunant's Mining Laser


Mining laser

Tech Level






Price Range

->160,032$ (Eanya)
->209,353$ (Ni'mrrod)

GoF2 HD (Android) Price Range

->216,585$ (Eanya)
->240,686$ (Ni'mrrod)

Blueprint Location

Mido System (Var Hastra)

Gunant's Drill is a high-performance mining laser designed by Gunant Breh.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

This drill was designed by the Mido scrap dealer Gunant Breh. It is an incredibly powerful device, and if it ever achieves mass-market adoption, it could potentially end up putting IMT out of business.


The cost of the blueprint and its materials justifies the performance of this Gunant's drill. Its 100% yield means that a maximum of 62t of ore can be extracted from a class-A asteroid. The 100% handling means that control of the drill head is more precise, not 'overreacting' to sudden changes in movement, making core mining easier. However, its handling does not mean that the drill is resistant to the regular misalignments.

As with all mining lasers, the rate of acquiring ore is slow, but increases the closer it digs towards the center of the asteroid.

At the beginning of the game, Keith's Betty was fitted with one to introduce players to mining but was later taken back by Gunant.


The blueprint for this equipment can be obtained in the Mido system, at the Var Hastra station once the Khador Drive has been constructed. The price for this blueprint is $129,999.

It costs $138,375 to autocomplete the blueprint on Easy and Normal difficulty, but $281,562 on Extreme.


Maximum cost of construction per item: $35,870 (low) - $86,760 (high) The Gunant's Drill blueprint sells for $211,171 in Loma. Its production costs 86710 Credits using 310t of Items. Resulting in a net gain of $124,461 or 401 Credits per ton or 144%.


  • Gunant probably also takes back the drill in the beginning so the player doesn't sell it for free money.
Quantities and Prices
Tons Items Unit price Total
90 Nanotech $419 $37,710
80 Mechanical Supplies $209 $16,720
90 Hydraulics $125 $11,250
10 Titanium Core $1,267 $12,670
40 Titanium $209 $8,360
310 Total $35,870 $86,710