H'Soc (GoF1)
H'Soc GoF1
H'Soc as it appears in GOF3D



Weapons systems

3 (Laser, Plasma, Missile)



Cargo Hold


H'Soc (GoF2)
H'Soc as it appears in GOF2HD



Cargo hold


Primary weapons


Secondary weapons










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H'Soc (GoF3)
H'Soc as it appears in GOF3









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In-Game Description (GOF1)Edit

Vossk Fighter. Capable of carrying cutting-edge Vossk torpedo systems. Like Grey ships, it has an enormously heavy armored hull. Appears mainly in large squadrons and represents a serious threat with corresponding armament.

In-Game Description (GOF2)Edit

The heavily armored fighter built by the Vossk Empire. It is available on almost all Vossk stations and has been modified so that other species can pilot it.

In-Game Description (GOF3)Edit

This is pretty much the first ship most people that fly a Vossk ship ever fly. At least if they aren't Vossk. It was one of their first exported ships and you still see them all over the place. It has a real workhorse reputation. It's old. It's outdated. It's still one of the best heavily-armored fighters you'll ever encounter.

Upgraded StatsEdit

Upgrade Upg.
Cost w/
VIP Card
Armor 150 30,000 60,000
Handling 160 30,000 60,000
Equipment 8 60,000 120,000
Cargo 75 45,000 90,000

 K  Upgrades are only available at the Kaamo station lounge


This Vossk ship has a lot vested on survivability, and this is proven in its strong armor rating, typical of most Vossk ships. It handles very well for a ship of its class, and can surpass other fighters of similar class such as the Terran Inflict, or the Nivelian Type 43. Weapon systems are about as average as it gets, and cargo hold leaves something to be desired. A great choice for those in the midst of their adventure. Like all Vossk ships, it has an insectoid look about it, similar to a Vossk's head. The two primary weapon slots are located right next to each other, though, giving it very high accuracy.


  • The H'Soc is an extremely popular ship with other species. The Vossk Empire has recently announced that the export of the H'Soc has exceeded 219 billion credits.
  • Along with the N'Tirrk, the H'Soc is Vossk Empire's only fighter ship until the Valkyrie expansion.
  • The H'Soc doesn't have a turret slot, but the Vossk still produce L'ksaar, the most powerful turret in the game, at least until the Supernova DLC is installed. (It is only used by Vossk's Stations and Freighters, but none of them are using it in the game. However, the Vossk Battle Cruiser, added in the Supernova upgrade, uses the L'ksaar). Maybe the Vossk produce it for trading purposes. With the addition of Valkyrie DLC, the Vossk gain a ship that is able to equip a turret.
  • Though the H'Soc only has 2 primary weapons, 4 weapon barrels of the same length extrude from the front, the top 2 being the secondary weapons
  • With the recent update (1.05) the H'Soc design received a slight change in coloring the frontal rim of the ship black.
  • Even though this ship is cheap and easy to buy, it has high armor.
  • In GoF 2 HD, the H'Soc is extremely dark green with green neon light accents, making the ship more striking.
  • Taret Orskk and Erkkt Uggut piloted a H'Soc.
  • The H'Soc once had to be rebuilt because many Vossk pilots wanted to equip their ships with H'nookk blasters, explaining the different looks between the GoF3D's H'Soc and the GoF2 H'Soc.
  • The H'Soc has a standard D'ozzt Thrust integrated into it.
  • It was one of five ships that were from Galaxy on Fire 3D that were added in GOF2.
  • The H'Soc is one of only six ships that have made it from GOF2 to GOF3, and the only ship to appear in all three games.
  • Additionally, the H'Soc has appeared in Galaxy on Fire 3D, Galaxy on Fire 2, Galaxy on Fire: Alliances and Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore, and is the only ship to do so.
  • Even though in earlier games the H'Soc was classified as a fighter, in Galaxy on Fire 3, it is classified as a scout ship.
  • Probably, H'Soc is the GOF Alliance's Fighter MK 1, because Fighter Mk 1 model is from Galaxy on fire 3D
  • Vossk ships are the only ships that will appear in Vossk systems before DLC when battleships are added.
  • In GoF3, the H'Soc looks more like a Kinzer.
  • With the Terran ships, the only ship with a double letter in its name is Anaan. The H'Soc, on the other hand, is the only Vossk ship with no double letters.


  • H'Soc in the hangar as it appears in GOF 3: Mantocore