Intelli Jet
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Known price range

-> 135$ (Magnetar)
-> 156$ (K'ontrr)

The Intelli Jet is a missile that tracks down targets to deal both shield and EMP damage.

In-Game Description Edit

The Intelli Jet rocket is as intelligent as you would expect, given its name. It is incredibly fast, has target tracking and causes major hull and EMP damage. It is also very easy to produce, though fortunately this is not common knowledge, otherwise the galaxy would be a much more dangerous place.


The danger the description of this missile hints of is very true, for multiple reasons.

By the time the EMP damage of around three missiles has disabled a ship, the shield damage received will make its defeat certain. Like other missiles, the Intelli Jet is able to hit a target that is locked on by a ship's scanner. However, if a missile is mid-flight and the scanner locks onto a different target, it will redirect itself to hit that target. It is therefore advisable that the player, once he/she has fired 1 or more of these, they should spin their ship around, so as to make sure he/she will not scan another target(since it may be a security force).

The ease of production and similarity to the Dephase EMP makes this a very reliable secondary weapon to throw recklessly at targets from a distance; such capabilities are ideal for ships, such as the Cormorant and Rhino, that lack primary firepower and rely heavily on their turrets and secondary weapons for support. Players may find themselves producing batches of hundreds since the commodities needed are easy to find and/or loot.

Compared to the Dephase EMP, Intelli Jets are significantly easier to produce and are the fastest missiles in the game (4500 km/h versus 4250 km/h). However, that comes at a cost of less shield and EMP damage dealt (100 and 50 versus 120 and 100, respectively), as well as reduced range (11800m versus 10000m).

Blueprint Edit

Blueprints for the Intelli Jet can be purchased at the Thynome space lounge.

For 10t Intelli Jet:

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD (Android)[1]Edit

For 10t Intelli Jet in Galaxy on Fire 2 HD (Android):

This costs 3,412$ to autocomplete.


  • The name "Intelli Jet" is a corruption of the word "intelligent".
  • You can get the blueprint for the Intelli Jet from Obb Porff in the Thynome Space Lounge.
  • If the player fires an Intelli Jet, it will actually seem a bit slower than the Dephase EMP, despite the 250 kph difference.

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