A male Leonid


A female Leonid

A race of feline like people, the Leonids are a race in Galaxy on Fire 3D. Not much is known about the Leonids other than that their males and females are very distinguishable - Leonid males have manes while females don't, bearing resemblance to lions.

The fate of Leonids is unknown as they are not found in GOF2. This is likely due to the fact that they reside in another part of the galaxy. This idea is supported by the fact that when Keith T. Maxwell tells Gunant Breh in Galaxy on Fire 2 he was trying to get to Eden Prime, He replies 'Eden Prime? Ha! You're funny! That's the other side of the galaxy. ...'. Note that Eden Prime cannot be found in Galaxy on Fire 2.

Leonids PlanetsEdit

  • Osome, in the Jakal system.