Liberator Guided Nuke



Tech Level




Loading speed










Known Price Range

-> 5,997$ (Union)
-> 7,241$ (Pan)

The Liberator is a powerful missile designed by Alice that has the unique ability to be guided by the player.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

This deadly missile can be remotely controlled after being fired. The Liberator is extremely fast and maneuverable and therefore an ideal weapon to destroy groups of opponents from a large distance.


When fired, the four wings of the missile extend and the camera pans behind it, allowing the player to steer it as if it were any ship. While flying the missile, the player's ship will continue to fly forward. The missile can be detonated by pressing the secondary fire button on the right side of the screen at any time, after twenty seconds of continuous flight, or upon contact with any ship. After detonation, the camera pans back to the players' ship.

The Liberator outclasses the Extinctor, Oppressor, and Tormentor in damage dealt, range and speed. However, it has the longest loading speed, second-to-lowest blast magnitude, and its blueprint is long.

Its 13,800 meter range makes it ideal for taking out powerful targets such as Vossk and Terran Battle Cruisers and their turrets, as well as large groups of ships, without getting fired upon. Just be careful that your ship does not stray into the target(s) you are trying to eliminate. It is recommended you stop your ship within range, where you can take all the time you need to disable the destroyer without flying into it.

The Liberator is needed to achieve the "Hot Shot" medal.


Alice gives the player the blueprint during the Valkyrie storyline. It can also be purchased beforehand at the Sao Perula station in the Loma system for one million credits. To produce 10 Liberators, you need:

This costs over 550.000 credits to produce (or about double on autocomplete).


  • A Liberator can fly through a space station, unlike any ship in which it either gets stuck against the outside or gets deflected.
  • Even after receiving the blueprints from Alice, the player is still able to purchase the blueprint at Sao Perula.
  • If you make, for example, a 180 degree turn while steering the rocket and then blow it up, your ship will have done exactly the same turn too.
  • Using the Rhoda Vortex while steering your Liberator will cause the camera to go ahead of the missile and act as if you are in first-person. The effects wear off when the Vortex stops working.


  • The phrase "EAT THIS!" is written on the side of the missile.
  • Despite having an undefeated blueprint price and being a guided nuke, it's tech level is only 4.
  • This is the only steerable missile in the game.
  • Compared to the AMR Extinctor this nuke has a higher damage and range and speed. But this weapon is not advised to be used at close range, as you can damage not only the station's security force but also your own ship (only in extreme difficulty). Also when you want to destroy a large group of targets at close to medium range, use the Extinctor as it has a much larger blast radius, meaning you can damage more ships within range. 
  • Unlike its counterparts, the Liberator has a different theme than the others, whose names have a theme of oppression and destruction. 
  • To get the medal "Hot Shot" simply get a Liberator and steer it into as many asteroids as possible.