The rows of medals.

Medals (also known as achievements) are bonus objectives in Galaxy on Fire 2 that, when completed, award the player with a badge and a certain amount of credits depending of the difficulty of the medal achieved. If player has met the requirement of any kind of medal (regardless of rank), the medal would only be given once after the player has docked into any station.

Medals introduced in the base game have three difficulty ranks; bronze, silver, and gold. However, the medals introduced in Supernova only have one, have a considerably harder difficulty level and are orange in colour.

The names of the medals give hints as to how to achieve them.

Gold/Silver/Bronze Medal Requirements Edit

Medal [Gold/Silver/Bronze] Goal
Veteran Free medal. [Gold only]
Survivor Arrived at a station with less than [5/15/30]% hull energy.
Geologist Mined at least [11/8/5] different types of ore.
Adv. Geologist Mined at least [11/8/5] different cores.
Killer More than [250/100/50] kills.
Carrier Transported more than [200/100/25]t of goods on courier missions.
Miner Mined more than [1,000/500/100]t of ore.
Adv. Miner Mined more than [25/10/3]t of cores.
Personal Need Bought more than [1,000/100/25]t of booze.
Barkeeper Owned at least [22/16/5] different types of booze.
Garbage Man Destroyed more than [150/100/30]t of space junk.
Space Tourist Been to at least [100/50/25] different stations.
Explorer Been to at least [22/10/5] different systems.
Handyman Owned at least [13/6/3] blueprints.
Engineer Finished at least [11/8/3] blueprints.
Addict Played for more than [20/10/5] hours.
Workaholic Finished more than [50/25/5] missions.
Globetrotter Used the jumpgate at least [100/50/10] times.
Tour Operator Carried more than [50/20/5] passengers.
Ninja Invisible for more than [5/3/2] minutes [total].
Nuclear Armament Detonated more than [50/20/5] bombs.
Alien Hunter Collected more than [25/10/5]t of alien remains.
Harum-Scarum Left a station without weapons or equipment. [Gold only].
Weapon Fanatic Mounted [4/3/2] primary weapons.
Looter Salvaged more than [500/200/50]t of freight.
Moneybags Earned more than [1,000,000/500,000/125,000]$.
Chatterbox Spoke with more than [100/50/20] people
Commander Commanded more than [20/10/3] wingmen.
Renegade Evoked hostility in one faction. [Gold only]
Mason Destroyed more than [250/150/50] asteroids.
Void Terror Complete the main storyline. [Gold only]
Space Saver Had more than [500/250/100]t of free cargo space.
Naysayer Rejected more than 50 job offers. [Gold only]
Daredevil Accepted more than 10 missions without asking about the difficulty. [Gold only]
Tracker Accepted 12 missions without asking about the location. [Gold only]
Champion Collect all other medals. [Gold only]

Supernova Orange Medal RequirementsEdit

IMG 0413

Supernova medals.

These nine orange medals, introduced with the release of the Supernova add-on, are much harder than the first 36 because they are either very situational or impractical.
Medal Requirements
Space Saver Pro

Have 3000t or more of free cargo space.

Ship Collector

Park 50 ships at Kaamo.

Ore Athlete Mine 10 asteroids without failing or docking to a station.
Destroyer Destroyer Destroy 20 Terran Battleships.
Blindfolded Killer

Destroy 100 ships without docking to a station and without the use of a scanner.

Asteroid Hazard Destroy 3 asteroids in a row with one single rocket. Bombs don't count.
Jammer Stun 15 enemies with a EMP.
Grave Riser Kill 5 enemies while the Emergency System is active.
Hot Shot

Destroy 8 asteroids in a row with one Liberator.


As more and more medals are achieved, the rewards become increasingly lucrative:

  1. Freelance missions will have higher payouts with each additional medal.
  2. Wingmen will become Keith's fans and instead pay to fight alongside him if every medal is collected, regardless of rank.
  3. Obtaining all of the gold medals will have the VoidX available for purchase (around 8,000,000$/ 4,057,950$ on Android) at Thynome.
  4. Along with the medals from the base game, completing the orange medals' requirements will give the player the blueprints for firework missiles.
  5. The Specter becomes available for purchase (30,000,000$) after obtaining every gold and orange medal and finishing the Supernova storyline. Whether it is worth the time and effort is to be determined at the discretion of the player.