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This article contains plot details about Galaxy on Fire.

This is the prologue and the first mission of the Base Storyline of Galaxy on Fire 2.


The game begins with a cutscene, acting as a conveyor into the tutorial. In the first scene, Keith T. Maxwell is flying into the Dareius Asteroid Field, in search of three hiding criminals. The second scene is said three criminals complaining and discussing their combat plan; attack from behind. Once Keith had passed by, they immediately rose from their hiding spot to engage, cutting to your ship.

This battle is like a combat tutorial; you are flying in a Phantom with two Nirai Charged Pulse Lasers and six Edo missiles to fight off the attackers. You are also equipped with strong armor plating and shielding.


A Midorian, Gunant Breh, recovered Keith's ship, and takes him in and gives him an old Pirate ship, Betty, to fly. This mission involves just mining at least 10t of ore.

Tips and TricksEdit

This mission is fairly straightforward, and does not require any combat ability, this is part of the tutorial missions in the Mido System. Of course, if there is any trick to be said, you could try mining Grade A asteroids.There is also the option of bashing into multiple asteroids to gain some progress on the Mason medal and you could get the silver on Survivor.