Commodity void crystals 250

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This is the 11th part of the Galaxy on Fire 2 walkthrough. When you get to Thynome, Khador will tell you he will need 50 Void Crystals to make Khador Drives. You will have to go back through the wormhole to get the Crystals. once you have collected enough crystals you need to return them to Thynome to complete the mission.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • If your cargo hold isn't big enough, you'll need to get another ship.
  • If you have over 10,000 credits but less that 20,000 credits, you could get the IMT Extract 2.7.
  • If you have over 70,000 credits you could get the K'yuul or the IMT Extract 4.0X.
  • You won't get Gunant's Drill unless you glitched it out from the first few missions.
  • Once you return try building the Khador Drive as soon as possible. It comes handy with the help of energy cells.
  • Dock at the closest station and jump to others if you see hordes of Voids/hostiles.