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Erkkt Uggut's Hour of Glory

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This article contains plot details about Galaxy on Fire.

This is the 14th and final part of the Galaxy on Fire 2 walkthrough. Brent Snocom will tell you the plan to blow up the Void Mothership. A Terran named Jean Baffour will provide you with backup. Erkkt Uggut will arrive with the K'Sarr Freighter.

Once he's made it through the Wormhole, follow him. Just you and Erkkt will defeat the Voids, Jean Baffour does not make it through the wormhole with you. While Erkkt heads for the Void Motherhip, defend it from the Voids.

Eventually a cutscene ensues and the Voids will damage the Freighter's propulsion.  Erkkt cannot use the escape pod because the system is down and he will tell you to destroy the Freighter. After you do that, get out of Void Space using the Khador Drive or a wormhole. Once you get out, you will call Carla. Then the game takes you to Thynome for a date with her. After the date you'll get a note from Carla.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Defeat the Voids while Erkkt is heading for the wormhole.
  • Use the Khador Drive to get out of Void Space, or wait for a wormhole to appear directly in front of you (it always does).
  • Use powerful weapons (from Kaamo if you have sufficient credits) to quickly get rid of the Voids while in Void Space.
  • Do not fly too close to the wormhole and/or enter it before Uggut does, otherwise your ship will instantly blow up regardless.
  • If you are playing on extreme, and/or you don't have a warping device, it is highly recommended you have a cloaking device and sufficient energy cells (at least 30). Use it when health is low; this will greatly help.
  • Recommended gear: Beamshield II or Fluxed Matter Shield, a repair bot, a T'yol, D'iol, or E6 D-X Plating, and a booster like the Me'al or Synchrotron Boost. If you are in extreme, the Voids will do a lot of damage, so a cloaking device like the Sight Suppressor II is rather practical.
  • This is the most difficult mission (since it is the finale) in the game (without any add-ons). You may fail for the first few times, but just go back and try again.
  • For some odd reason, most of the Voids may end up on the wrong side of the Void Mothership. If this happens, this mission is extremely easy.
  • There appears to be no time limit for the detonation of the bomb after you destroy the freighter. All that happens while in Void Space is the uncontrollable shaking of the game screen until you reach the wormhole.