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This article contains plot details about Galaxy on Fire.

This is the first part of the Galaxy on Fire 2 Valkyrie walkthrough.

Stealing the K'suukk

Part 1: Mission to B'akkramEdit

Set the autopilot for the nearest Jumpgate, but don't go anywhere. You will get a call from Cornelius Tenner. He'll tell you to go to Kanado station. There, he will tell you the K'Suukk is not out yet, so you'll have to steal it. Your ship will stay at Kanado in the meantime while you fly a H'Soc with Taret Orskk to B'akrram. There, he will tell you the plan for the K'Suukk, then, Mekant Orskk, will give it to you.

Part 2: Skirmish in Vossk SpaceEdit

The K'Suukk has three scatterguns. When you exit the station, you won't get attacked yet. It isn't until you fly to Makke S'ik that the Vossk realize what's going on and start shooting at you. Then fly via S'inokk - Kkit S'ukk/T'rry T'rry - Kanado. There Tenner gives you the payment and your ship. He tells you should come to Valkyrie in the Her Jaza system if you want more credits.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • The scatterguns are very powerful and can kill other ships easily, just fight your way to Kanado.
  • Also try sweeping left and right to avoid blasts when with low hull energy. (30%)
  • Fly in an arc towards the jumpgates, flying straight makes it easier for the Vossk to shoot you head on.