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This is the second mission of the Galaxy on Fire 2: Valkyrie storyline.

Mission 2: Operation 'Pirate Fear' Edit

Part 1: Mission to ValkyrieEdit

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After acquiring the K'Suukk and returning to Kanado Station with it, Cornelius Tenner will give you your reward and transfer the coordinates to the Her Jaza system to your ship, with the offer of more 'easily earned Credits'. If you have already built your Khador Drive, you must then go to Valkyrie Station to meet his boss, Alice. After a small introduction of herself and the mission she offers in turn for 100,000 Credits, she will give you the S'Kanarr with an Auto-Turret (the Skuld AT XR) to test out on the Pirates currently residing at Scion, the neighboring planet in the system.

Part 2: Mission to ScionEdit


Next, you must to travel to Scion where an escort of pirate ships, about three to five in size, will be waiting for you to begin the test. Three waypoints will have been set for you to follow, and along those waypoints lie two Pirate squadrons. Since there aren't any Primary or Secondary Weapons installed, you can either let the turret do its' work while cruising along the waypoints, or help it by turning in the direction of the pirate it's firing at. After killing the pirates, return to Valkyrie and you will get your reward - and another assignment.

Tips & Tricks Edit

  • The mission is easy on Easy difficulty but can get tricky on higher difficulties. Since you can't customize the S'Kanarr Alice provides you, the only possibility is swiping left/right and being lucky.
  • Maneuver the ship so the turret can turn and fire at the pirates. (Turrets can't shoot enemies under your ships.)
  • It is highly recommended to have a squadron of three Wingmen accompany you if you are on Extreme difficulty. You can use them to attack your targets as you navigate slowly around the enemy pirate ships with the turret firing away.
  • If you stop running the game directly after docking at Valkyrie once you've completed the mission, it is possible to dismount the automatic turret from the S'Kannar.