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This is mission 3 of the Galaxy on Fire 2 Walkthrough
E2 exoclad


The third mission in the main storyline is pretty easy. Gunant will ask if you can kill some pirates, and he will grant you access to the hangar. Equip one of the two primary weapons and the E2 Exoclad armor. Then leave the station, and follow the waypoints. Pirates will begin to surge, so prepare yourself to shoot. There are only 3 or 4 pirates so it should be easy, Gunant will also shoot at the pirates but be prepared to do most of the fighting. When Gunant tells you, return to the station.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • For the weapons, choose the Micro Gun MK I for a fast firing low damage weapon (machine gun) or the Nirai Impulse EX 1 for a medium-slow fire rate with decent damage (laser).
  • Only one armor is given so just equip that one and purchase a new one later.
  • Kill one pirate at a time rather than trying to damage them all a little.
  • Buy both weapons since their price tag is 0 and sell one later for profit.