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This is the 3rd part of the Valkyrie walkthrough.

Operation Liberation

Part 1: Building the LiberatorEdit

Alice will tell you to make the Liberator blueprint and will give it to you. The blueprint is:

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD (Android)Edit

In Galaxy on Fire 2 HD on the Android platform, the blueprint is:

This costs over 550,000 credits to produce (or about double on autocomplete), despite the mission only paying 150,000 credits.

Part 2: Attack on the Micro Gun MK I convoyEdit

After building the Liberator Alice will tell you to destroy a weapons convoy consisting of three escorted freighters in Eanya, Weymire and Union systems. You get a 50,000$ bonus for each freighter you destroy with a Liberator. After you have destroyed all the freighters, Carla will contact you.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Go to high tech level stations, as the blueprint is hefty.
  • Fire the Liberators from big distances, so as to not get shot at.
  • Sell the weapons you salvage from the freighters for a small profit.
  • The freighters will have a large quantity of a certain type of weapon on them, if you get lucky you may even get 30t or more of Nirai Charged Pulse
  • Try to get the cash bonuses, as you can always duplicate the Liberators left with the Secondary glitch.
  • The freigters have turrets, much like a battle cruiser. So use long range weapons to deal with them.