This is the fourth part of the Galaxy on Fire 2-Valkyrie walkthrough.

Saving Khador

Part 1: Mission to CoromeskEdit



Carla will tell you that Khador has been kidnapped and that you have to go to the Skavac system to rescue him. There, pirates will attack you, coming from a nearby pirate station. After killing a few, the pirate boss will tell you Khador is in the neighbouring planet of Nosdron and the pirates will no longer fire at you.

Part 2: Skirmish over NosdronEdit

You'll see Khador being escorted by pirates. When you get closer, the pirates start attacking. Kill most of them and the remaining ones will flee. Then you will return with Khador to Kothar, Beidan system.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Do not use nukes when fighting the pirates to prevent killing Khador. EMP weapons are a better choice to prevent the pirates from moving or firing on you.