This is mission 5 of the Galaxy on Fire 2 Walkthrough.

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The leader of the Kernstal station, Norris Bernard, will ask you to visit the Yrdal Gedal station because the crew has not responded for some time. When one arrives there, just dock in the station. There will be a cut scene where Mkkt Bkkt will explain that he gave the crew Neuro-algae, and they are incapacitated. After this just fly back to Yrdal Gedal to complete the mission.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • A simple mission, just fly back and forth
  • After this the space lounges open so just try to get enough money to buy the best equipment for one's ship, primary weapon, armor, scanner and drill with this and about 10K in money you should be good for the exit of the Mido system
  • If you haven't sold your drill, mine Orichalzine asteroids, they are about $144 a ton in this system so you can get $2,000 on a full cargo hold.