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This is the sixth part of the Galaxy on Fire: Valkyrie Walkthrough.

Operation Disruptor

Part 1: Fourth Mission to Void SpaceEdit

Khador will ask you to go to Void Space to get some Void Essence for his friend Netor. Go to Void Space and get 1t Void Essence. Then visit Netor on Inari Onu in the Vulpes System.


Part 2: Dogfight over LopatEdit

Netor will notice his Disruptor Laser missing and sends you to find the thief. Upon exiting the station you will see Netor's assistant, Trot Lykkt, an Octopod, who stole the Laser. He'll flee to Lopat. There he decides to test out the laser on you. Kill him and return to Netor. He gives you the blueprint for the Laser. Alice will call you to Valkyrie Station after that.


  • Trot pilots a Type 43. His ship can go incredibly fast, often running more than 10 km away before starting an attack run on you and the damage his Disruptor Laser does is formidable. Try to use explosive projectiles to kill him like Liberators or mines, and avoid gettting hit by his Disruptor Laser at all costs. It can take out your shield on Extreme difficulty in just a few shots.