This is the eight mission in the Galaxy on Fire 2 walkthrough.

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This Mission involves traveling to the Union system to look for Thomas Boyle who will lead you to the Deep Science Station at Thynome.

Once you reach Suttnar, Brent Snocom will contact you and tell you that Lieutenant Boyle was kidnapped, and tracked to Kappa. Fly to Kappa and in the hangar, arm the 10 free EMP GL I

At the first waypoint, 3 ships appear. These are not the kidnappers, so start shooting immediately. At the second waypoint, there is only one enemy, who identifies himself as the kidnapper. Use one EMP bomb to disable his ship. The rest of the mission is just dialogue and background story. 

At the end of the mission, Lieutenant Boyle gives you the coordinates to Wolf-Reiser.


Similar to mission 9, if you take too long to get to Thynome, Thomas Boyle will say either "We've been flying around for hours now Mr. Ma-Maxwell! Don't you think we should be heading for Thynome?" or "I'm indebted to you for giving me a ride to Th-Th-Thynome, but I wonder if I should have found another way to get there..."

Tips and TricksEdit

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD (Android)Edit

Before heading to Wolf-Reiser for the first time, you might want to accumulate about 100,000$ credits to purchase a useful but rare component there. Also, try running around for a bit first. Sell the remaining free bombs and get about 500 credits.It may make a critical difference.