Oh, be careful with that stuff, or you'll blow their heads off!
–Mkkt Bkkt, to Keith T. Maxwell

Mkkt Bkkt is a notable character in the Galaxy on Fire universe.

Mkkt Bkkt
Mkkt Bkkt in Galaxy on Fire 2













Mkkt Bkkt in GOF1

Mkkt Bkkt is both literally and metaphorically the slimiest character in the galaxy. No outrage is below him if the right amount of credits is involved. Pimp, dealer, smuggler, assassin, and illegal race operator, he has played many roles in his slippery career. Rumors abound that Bkkt has sold his own bodily secretions as either aphrodisiacs or stimulants to unsuspecting customers.

It is perhaps his opportunistic sense or mutual empathy which has led to Bkkt's affinity for Keith T. Maxwell. The two tend to cross paths in the most unusual of circumstances, although normally having to do with Bkkt's shady dealings.

Another rumor which persists about Multipods in general is that they are capable of subdividing or replicating themselves. Although this has never been witnessed or proven, it could offer a plausible explanation and make the occurrence of Mkkt Bkkt in so many different eras and quadrants less than coincidental.



Mkkt Bkkt in GOF2

Mkkt Bkkt once brought neuro-algae aboard Yrdal Gedal station which made everyone high and in turn caused some panic within the Mido Confederation.

He also owns a space station called the Kaamo Club. He proposes to sell it to Maxwell for 30 million credits and 50t of Buskat after the latter defeats the pirates besieging the station.

In the Supernova DLC, Mkkt Bkkt aided Keith in helping make Moonsprocket and Lampeter sobre on Maissa Space Station.


Mkkt Bkkt HD

Octopod graphics glitch in GoF2 HD iPad.

  • In GoF2 Mkkt has five eyes compared to GoF1, in which he had six.
  • Apparently there is a graphical glitch in GoF2 HD on iPads with Retina display, which shows Mkkt Bkkt and his race with no eyes at all. Instead it appears as if the space where their eyes should be had been cut out. Running in 1024x768 mode repairs the issue.
  • Mkkt Bkkt had an older brother, Jkkt Bkkt. He was only ever mentioned once, in a blog post on the FISHLABS website.
  • It seems even Mkkt Bkkt was evil like all other famous Octopods because he is a dealer of illegal drugs.
  • In Galaxy on Fire 2 Keith says Mkkt Bkkt like Mukit Bukit.

Mkkt Bkkt as seen in an official Fishlabs' entry.