A typical Octopod


An Octopod at a Vossk space lounge

Octopods, also known as Multipods, are a semi-aquatic species and have tentacles growing from their face and limbs.

Females of all species are unable to resist their attraction to Octopod males. Some credit this to the numerous tentacles Octopods have. Octopods are also known for their popular arm wrestling matches.

Noteworthy OctopodsEdit

Octopod PlanetsEdit

  • Jinetali
  • Apocce (space station)


  • Octopods are erroneously referred to as "Multipods" in the Space Lounge.
  • Apparently there is a graphical glitch in GoF2 HD on the new iPad with Retina display. On this device, the eyes of all Octopod characters are missing. Instead it appears as if the space where their eyes should be had been cut out. Running the game in 1024x768 mode repairs the issue.
  • Rumor has it that Octopods are capable of subdividing themselves. This is probably a reference to the self-regeneration capability of cephalopods on Earth, which share numerous traits with the Octopods from the GoF Universe.
  • Sometimes an Octopod will say that his wife has left him for an Octopod. That's because the reference all female species cannot resist the attraction of male Octopods.
  • When hired for wingmen, they will always fly pirate crafts.
  • Also in the Space Lounge, people will sometimes say "I just sit here to watch the Octopods arm wrestling"


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