Almost every space station has a "Space Lounge" where pilots and traders can conduct business, have a drink or watch Octopod Arm Wrestling matches.

Lounges contain the latest gossip, and include a bar that usually has a robotic bartender serving drinks ranging from Y'mirr Schnapps to Nesla Brandy. It's also a common place to admit one's desires to become a pirate here as well.

The player can meet several contacts which offer a broad variety of goods, services, and missions here, which serve to further the credits the player has, perhaps to save up for that shiny VoidX or Mantis. Merchants sell goods here, but it is up to you to determine if it is worth the price or not. Knowing the average market price by visiting bases helps determine if it is worth it. Diplomats also come here and help the player restore their reputation with a faction, if hostilities are encountered.


  • One of the dialogue presets is of someone having a hyperdrive malfunction and not knowing the location and date. This is what happened to Keith in the beginning of the game.
  • Some people also think that they know you, but that Keith is too young. This perhaps hints at former friendships before the hyperdrive incident.
  • The following stations don't have a space lounge:
  • When entering the Space Lounge, you can tap the screen to skip the panning animation and get down to business quicker.
  • Blueprints for special items can be bought in Space Lounges, as well as access to hidden systems.
  • Often, there will be a Terran selling "Fancy Leather Jackets" but never actually sells them to the player.
  • There will also be a person saying that they love to watch the "Octopod Arm Wrestling" which is a major pastime of the galaxy.
  • There would even be some hidden blueprints or weird products that are not available in the market. 
  • Tribbles from Star Trek can sometimes be heard as an ambient effect in Terran Space Lounges.
  • During the Supernova storyline, all space lounges in the Ginoya System are empty due to severe Gamma radiation. Once the storyline ends, these space lounges return to normal.
  • You can see the plasma array in Var Hastra's Space Lounge in a certain part of the Supernova storyline.
  • Some people will tell you "We don't own the place, but we have an understanding with... you know." This is likely a reference to the 2003 space combat simulation game Freelancer, in which multiple people will tell the player almost the same thing.
  • Midorian Station
  • Nivelian Station
  • Terran Station
  • Vossk Station


A view of the Plasma Array inside the Var Hastra Space Lounge