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A Specter cruising in Nivelian territory.



Cargo Hold


Primary Weapons


Secondary Weapons









30,000,000$(iOS) 12,000,000$(Android) 9,500,000$(Original)

In-Game DescriptionEdit

The Specter is a flexible, extremely dangerous interceptor used by the Trunt Harval's Black Guard . It has a surprisingly large number of equipment slots and a pre-installed U'tool cloaking device.


The Specter is somewhat of a modified and/or revamped Aegir. Its 4 primary weapon slots make it just as deadly, as well as having a U'tool pre-installed. This state-of-the-art vessel is used by the Black Guard.

Upgraded StatsEdit

Upgrade Upg.
Cost w/
VIP Card
Armor 840 6,000,000 12,000,000
Handling 158 6,000,000 12,000,000
Equipment 17 12,000,000 24,000,000
Cargo 95 9,000,000 18,000,000

 K  Upgrades are only available at the Kaamo station lounge.


  • The Specter is a great ship for roaming around. Its high firepower and armor can help in tough situations. Despite its high armor, players still have to be careful in Extreme difficulty as even its high armor can be chipped off at a decent pace by even a few enemies.
  • The prototype of the Specter is the Ghost. Spectre means a ghost, which probably is a reason for the two ships' connection.
  • The Specter is available at Katashán Station, in the Paréah System.
  • Originally, the Specter could only be unlocked by completing the Supernova campaign on Extreme difficulty. With the update that came out on October 6th, 2012, the Specter can also be unlocked in other difficulties by completing the entire campaign and obtaining all gold medals ALONG with the new Supernova medals. After the Specter is unlocked, it can be bought for 30,000,000$(12,000,000$ for Android) on all difficulty levels.
  • Different cloaks can still be installed and will overwrite the default U'tool.
    • However, on Android, the default U'tool will still overwrite the cloak you've installed.
  • The Specter is considered one of the most powerful ships in the game.
  • The exhaust from the engines have no strip of engine exhaust like the NPCs do.


  • The Specter, Scimitar and the Ghost feature the Abyss Engine™ logo on their wings. The Abyss Engine is the game engine DSFISHLABS use for their games.
  • The design of the ship greatly resembles the design of the Vic Viper, the famous space Fighter from Konami’s legendary ‘’Gradius’’ series.
  • The Black Guard uses this ship, with Dark Matter Lasers as its weapons.
    •  They might be using Nirai Overdrives because of the faster rate of fire and small damage.
  • There was a bug in version 1.1.7 of GOF2 SD and in version 1.1.1 of GOF2 HD, respectively. In these versions, when another cloak was mounted on the Specter the game asked: "Do you want to replace the U'tool with the Sight Suppressor II?". If "Yes" was selected, the new cloak got mounted and the pre-installed U'tool of the Specter got unmounted and moved to the cargo hold. By unmounting the new cloak again, the Specter became outfitted with a new U'tool, the original cloak staying in the cargo hold. This process could be repeated indefinitely, thus producing an unlimited amount of U'tools.
  • As of the GOF2 1.1.8 and GOF2 HD 1.1.2 updates, the U'tool glitch has been removed (unlisted on the update page) and has upset many players that relied on the glitch for making money fast. However the U'Tool glitch still exists in the GOF2-Full HD version that runs on OS X (Mac), and credit generated there using the U'Tool bug can still be transferred to iOS devices by saving the game to iCloud and then re-loading the save on the iOS device.
  • With the removal of the original U'Tool bug another bug was introduced into the game, which doesn't allow players to install any other cloak than the U'tool for the Specter, however this glitch isn't present in the Full HD version.
    • This glitch still applies for Android version.
  • From version 1.1.5 of GOF2 HD, the Specter glitch has been fixed; however, it doesn't seem to be fixed on GOF2 (SD).
  • It has the highest armor rating and the most equipment slots of any fighting ship.
  • The NPC versions have special armor that allows them to enter gamma radiation without the use of a Gamma Shield. However, this is not the case with a player.
  • The Specter essentially has 17 equipment slots, due to its inbuilt cloaking device.
  • It is the best ship the Nivelians have made.
  • The Specter has a similar design to an Aegir.
  • Its original price as stated on the official game guide was $9,500,000.
  • On the Android Version, however, the price of the Specter is $12,000,000, instead of the iOS price of $30,000,000.