Galaxy on Fire 2: Supernova is the final add-on for Galaxy on Fire 2 that was released in September 2012 for all Apple devices. As the name implies, the conflict revolves around a star that underwent a supernova. New content of every kind (ships, weapons, mini-games, etc.) were included with this add-on. It is very unlikely that DSFishlabs will resume work on any other DLC for Galaxy on Fire 2, as Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore has been released.

Galaxy on Fire 2 - Supernova by FISHLABS - Official Trailer

Galaxy on Fire 2 - Supernova by FISHLABS - Official Trailer

Supernova Dev DiariesEdit


  • Storyboard to the ending of Supernova.
  • Blue Fyre Concept Art
  • Bloodstar early concept art
  • Cross (now Amboss) Concept Art
  • Headhunter (now Gator Custom) concept art
  • Terran Carrier Ship
  • New Mining Stations
  • New Planet Graphics
  • Hacking Minigame
  • Plasma Harvester
  • Plasma Harvester
  • Plasma Harvesting
  • a Ghost Fighter
  • Gryphon
  • The Gator Custom (former Headhunter)
  • Veteran in an Evacuation Mission and Radiation/Gamma Shield
  • Rhino
  • Rhino
  • Bounty Hunting and Berger S6-400
  • Bloodstar, HH-AT "Archimedes" turret, and new item (leech beam?)
  • Bloodstar, T'Suum, and Evacuation
  • Bloodstar, 180t cargo space, Matador TS
  • Bloodstar concept art vs. 3D model
  • The Bloodstar was designed after the Centaur
  • Bloodstar with beam weapons and a plasma harvester
  • Bloodstar HD vs SD
  • Bloodstar and Matador TS
  • Vossk Battlecruiser
  • Supernova Full Logo
  • A gamma shield around the Typhoon
  • Wraith with Leech Beam
  • HD Gryphon and Repair Laser
  • Blue Fyre and Cluster Missiles
  • Blue Fyre and Cluster Missiles
  • Amboss with new lasers
  • The Matador TS HD (left) vs. SD (right)
  • Sentry Gun
  • These are two concepts for most wanted ships that were cut from the game.
  • Another Image of the Midorian mining station with the concept art.
  • Two weapons, the missile turret and Plasma Flamer that were cut from the game.
  • Earlier Concept Arts and Final Rendering of Terran Carrier
  • Terran Carrier, Vossk Sentry Guns


Following the events of Galaxy on Fire 2: Valkyrie, a supernova threatens the lives of millions inhabiting Mido-controlled space. Keith T. Maxwell demonstrates his heroics once again by assisting their evacuations, but they are interrupted by mysterious stealth ships intent on stopping their efforts. Troubled, Keith is sent to the Nivelian Republic to request help for the evacuations and against the mysterious ships.


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Supernova Intro-0

Supernova Intro-0

The fun begins.

The add-on picks up right where Valkyrie left off. It will focus on the long-lasting scuffle between the Nivelian Republic and the Mido Confederation and put Keith in a delicate situation: a devastating supernova is threatening the mere existence of vast parts of the Mido sector and there is no chance that Keith and the Deep Science society can evacuate all inhabitants of the trouble area in time unless they get support from Nivelians. Fortunately, the Nivelian leader, Trunt Harval agreed to help them as well. With two factions assisting, the Midorian's fate was saved. Gunant Breh was relieved that his son, Gunant IV, was saved by his old friend, Keith T. Maxwell. He repaid his debt of life to Gunant Breh, and was happy to help the Midorians.

However, stealth fighters were sighted and tried to thwart their plan to save the Midorians. The only pilot that had survived the battle with a Stealth Fighter was Keith. Soon, Brent asked Keith to talk to Trunt Harval as he recieved reports of the same ships in Nivelian territories. He was a little surprised to see Keith's victory over the stealth fighters.

After that, Khador and Deep Science designed an anti-matter missile to calm the Supernova down. However, the plan failed as Khador's missle made the Supernova grow bigger - it used Khador's missile as a fuel. Khador locked himself in his laboratory and refused to talk to anybody. Thadellonius Moonsprocket, an old, weird professor and former colleague of Deep Science visited Thynome and offered his help. He suggested building a Plasma Array, which needed Chromo Plasma. Chromo Plasma is made by fusing 917 tons each of Blue Plasma, Red Plasma, Green Plasma, and Purple Plasma. In order to fulfill the need to build the device, they needed 4 ancient plasma crystals that were now unknown in the Galaxy. The Chromo Plasma would be used to reverse the Supernova.

The first crystal was found in some space wreckage. Keith hacked the wreck of old containers and brought the first crystal to Brent Snocom. The second one was held by one of a few most wanted criminals in the Galaxy. That's when Brent introduced Keith to the Most Wanted list of the universe's most dangerous criminals. The third one was obtained by Keith by going to a mining station at Coromesk and helping the miners, and the fourth one was obtained by Keith by disguising himself as a Vossk to hack a Vossk ship that contained the crystal. He gained information about that from Mekannt Orssk, an old aquintance of Alice who gave Keith the prototype of the K'Suukk. Now that he was a chancellor, Keith blackmailed him to give him information about the crystal, or else he would tell the Vossk emperor about the stealing of the K'Suukk.

Keith also learned about mining plasma from Gunant Breh. Completing the blueprint, Keith brought the Chromo Plasma to Khador and friends.

As they were about to fire the Chromo Plasma by using the Plasma Array, Trunt Harval arrived with his army of Stealth Fighters (Specter ships) and destroyed the Plasma Array. Fortunately the Chromo Plasma was not destroyed, and to fire the plasma, they needed something as big as the Plasma Array. Their only option was to bring back the Valkyrie Station.

Keith travelled to the Void world and made an agreement with Alice to bring her and Valkyrie outside the Void Space. He searched for a luxurious apartment for Alice to stay, and found one. Returning to Void Space, he was surprised to see that he had been tricked by Alice. A wave of Void fighters were ready to hunt him down, as Alice had turned Cornelius Tenner into a half Terran, half Void so she could communicate to the Voids.

Docking at Valkyrie by hacking, Keith and Hans (his assistant who brought 1,000 energy cells) captured Alice and Cornelius. Had Alice been cooperating with Keith, she wouldn't be considered as a prisoner.

Valkyrie Station was weaponized with a Plasma Array, and sent to Var Lupra - Ginoya System. There, a full Terran Armada was guarding the operation. When Keith arrived there, Trunt Harval also arrived with his armada of Stealth Fighters. The Terrans were forced to battle the stealth fighters, while Keith had a dangerous duel with Trunt Harval.

Valkyrie Station, which was planned to be remotely controlled, was hit and couldn't be controlled remotely. Surprisingly, Alice arrived in a Cicero and planned to steal Valkyrie for herself. She was shocked to see that they had removed her Alice Drive, meaning she couldn't escape.

Valkyrie was damaged and ready to explode at any time, so Alice had no choice but to sacrifice herself in her last act of redemption - firing the Plamsa Array. The Supernova was reversed, and Valkyrie exploded along with Alice. All the stealth fighters were destroyed too. Keith was surprised to see Trunt Harval still alive, and dueled him. Trunt revealed that the stealth fighter was his army all along, and the supernova was artificial - made by the Nivelians so the Midorian rebels died as a 'punishment' for their rebellion against the Nivelian faction.

Keith gave his all in battling Trunt. Finally, Trunt was defeated and died with his ship. Keith was back to Thynome to celebrate the Terran's victory, and remembering Alice with Carla. Carla was happy that Alice seemed to have redeemed herself.

The next morning, the old professor, Thadellonius Moonsprocket, his assistant, Brillo Lampeter, and the galaxy hero Keith T. Maxwell was nowhere to be found in the Thynome research station. A small note was found...

"Dear Carla. I'm out for a drink. See you! -Keith", leaving Carla with a sense of déja vu.

Meanwhile in the Maissa station... Mkkt Bkkt was supplying Dr. Moonsprocket, his psychiatrist Dr. Lampeter and Keith with a drink called "Flabbergasters". The war hero was found totally drunk.

IMG 0128

"Ah, cruds! I've been hit! I never wanted it to come to this, I just wanted my station back! Oh, to hell with it. Send my little sister my love." -Alice Paolini

New FeaturesEdit





Minigames and MissionsEdit


...and of course, a new storyline to incorporate them all!

Cut FeaturesEdit

  • A turret that would fire missiles instead of normal projectiles cut due to the technical problems of making this weapon.
  • A flamethrower-like primary weapon cut due to creative reasons.
  • Dark Angel: The third design that was considered for the most wanted ships. It was cut due to the fact that it was considered bland and unimagined. It was added in the latest update.
  • Vossk Most Wanted Ship: This was the first concept invented for a most wanted ship. It was cut due to another Vossk ship being released. It was added in the latest update.


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