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Keith T. Maxwell tracks down Pal Tyyrt

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The Pareah Prisms: Part 2


In Alioth station, Snocom finds a unique signature in the black box, which leads to one of the Terrans' Most Wanted criminals: Pal Tyyrt. One can infer that Tyyrt was the ringleader behind the attack on the convoy based on that. Snocom grants Keith access to the Most Wanted boards in all Terran stations. He will also transfer the first prism to Var Lupra, where the Deep Science team will be constructing the plasma array; along with Moonsprocket, who was sleeping in Keith's ship the whole time.

Upon finding Tyyrt, Keith attacks his H'Soc fighter until his hull energy falls to 30%, making him comply. He does not have any of the prisms on him, but instead he gives Keith a lead. Kehnor, a Grey also on the Terran Most Wanted list, has the other three prisms.

Keith eventually tracks down Kehnor and brings his Vol Noor's hull down to 30%. Kehnor has the second prism, which he will transfer to Keith's ship. However, he sold the third prism to a mining operation in Dekato, in the Eanya system. Kehnor was once cornered in Vossk territory, so he had to give the fourth prism to them in exchange for free passage in their territory. Keith decides to head to Var Lupra to drop off the second prism before he goes after the other two.


  • Click here to see the tips on tracking down and tackling the Most Wanted criminals.
  • It's your choice whether to spare Pal Tyyrt and Kehnor or to kill them and collect the bounty on their heads. You do not need to kill them to progress the storyline, though. But it's better to kill them to aviod wasting time to find them later.
  • If you are low on money or are aiming to unlock the Bloodstar, kill them to gain around $100,000 and being one step closer to unlocking the ship.