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Keith arrives at Bra'Murr in a S'Kanarr

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The Pareah Prisms: Part 4


At Var Lupra, Carla is still waiting for Keith's feedback on some curtains she has found. Meanwhile, Khador has managed to get the plasma array platform in a serviceable stage. Once Deep Science has the final prism, the plasma array could be fired, according to Khador. Carla is worried about Keith going into Vossk territory to search for the final prism. Keith, on the other hand, already has a plan for that, which includes and "old friend" at B'akrram.

Upon entering B'akrram, in the K'ontrr system, he finds Mekant Orskk. Apparently, Orskk has gone up the ranks to become a counsellor to the Imperial Throne. Keith's timing could never be better...

Mekant Orskk wonders why Keith would ever show up at B'akrram again ever since the time he helped Keith steal the K'Suukk for Alice. Keith blackmails Orskk by spreading the word about the K'Suukk to everybody. According to Keith, he placed a drone satellite timed to send a signal that will cause "one heck of a major political scandal." (It is unknown whether he is really bluffing or not.) Even if Orskk had Keith killed, there's no way he could stop the satellite, assuming it exists.

Mekant Orskk knew that his privileges to his spawn pool and his honorable position to the Imperial Throne were at stake, and decides not to take the risk. Orskk tells Keith that the Paréah prism is kept at a secure location, where the Vossk are testing its military potential. It currently resides in a battleship at Bra'Murr, in the Wah'norr system. Keith plans to use a Vossk ship and a Vossk signature for cover in this operation.

Keith realizes that there are two battleships in Bar'Murr's orbit. He docks into one of the battleships and hacks into the board computer, but he couldn't find the prism in the cargo list. His cover is blown immediately after hacking into the computer.

Keith quickly docks into the other battleship and hacks into its board computer. Luckily, the prism is on the list, and loads it into his ship. He then quickly makes his escape to Var Lupra.

Recommended Weapons

'Primary weapons'

M6 A4 "Raccoon"


Icarus Heavy AS


Disruptor Laser

'Secondary Weapons'



AMR Extinctor






Skuld AT XR or HH-AT "Archimedes"

Recommended Equipment


Fluxed Matter Shield




Yin Co. Shadow Ninja


Polytron Boost


Pulsed Plasma Thrust

Repair Bot

Ketar Repair Bot II


Vossk Signature*


Crimson Drain


The ' * ' marked gear is necessary to complete the mission.


Before going to the mission planet, go to another planet in the same system and put the Khador Drive in the cargo of your ship. This will save an equipment Slot.