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Keith T. Maxwell and Gunant Breh arrive at Kernstal to harvest green plasma

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Chromo Plasma

Keith arrives at Var Lupra station with the final Paréah prism. Unfortunately, Moonsprocket did not foresee needing so much chromo plasma for the plasma array. He gives Keith the blueprints for Chromo Plasma and sends him to Var Hastra, which is in the Mido system. There, Gunant Breh will teach him how to harvest such material.

At Var Hastra, Gunant tells Keith that plasma can be found in invisible gas clouds. Gunant will provide a special filter that allows Keith to see the gas clouds, 15t of ionizing missiles to solidify them, and a plasma collector to harvest them before it disperses. Keith will meet Gunant with everything equipped to harvest the plasma at Kernstal.

In the orbit of Kernstal, Keith is amazed at the green gas clouds dotting the area around the station. Gunant leads Keith to one of the gas clouds, and teaches him the basics on plasma collecting. After that, Gunant tells Keith the prime gathering zones of all four types of plasma, and warns of red plasma's explosive properties.

Carla calls soon after, and tells Keith that she is annoyed at him not answering her hails.

After the time-consuming gathering of all four types of plasma all over the galaxy, the plasma array is finally ready to be fired. Just when things start looking up for the Midorian sector, Trunt Harval arrives...