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Trunt Harval orders the plasma array to be destroyed

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Disaster and Calamity

As Keith arrives at Var Lupra, Deep Science congratulates him and prepares to fire the plasma array. Moonsprocket injects the chromo plasma into the array chambers, and gives Khador the honor of firing the anti-anti-matter into the supernova. This will reverse the supernova and return the Ginoya system back to normal.

However, Trunt Harval and his Black Guard of stealth fighters arrive at the scene. Keith is angry at the fact that he is the one behind the disruptions of the evacuation of Ginoya and the one behind the stealth fighter attacks on himself. Harval destroys the plasma array before Keith could do much about it.

At Var Lupra station, Khador dispairs at the fact that their hard work may have been wasted. Keith reassures him that several intact parts were found among the debris. Khador finds that the Paréah prisms are still intact and salvagable, and the Chromo plasma can be collected before it disperses. The platform arms remain intact and can be salvaged, but the platform itself is destroyed.

Khador suggests a replacement platform, though Carla may not like the idea...

Notes Edit

  • After the mission finishes, Stealth Fighters will no longer show up in random systems.