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IMG 0981

Valkyrie Station firing the plasma array

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The Plasma Array in HD

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Trial of Fire

An entire Terran armada is stationed at Var Lupra to defend the plasma array. Keith is impressed at everything. Moonsprocket greets him, showing off Valkyrie modified specifically for the plasma array.

"Third time lucky!" says Keith.

As expected, Trunt Harval arrives with his own armada of stealth fighters.

"Despite my warnings," he announces, "you persist in meddling with destiny. Now you shall feel the wrath of Nivelian might! We will show no mercy."

And so, the fireworks show shall begin.

Snocom tells Keith to focus his fire on Harval's ship, while everyone else should "take care of those stealth fighters."

When Harval's ship, the Scimitar, has about 45% hull energy left, Carla contacts Keith that "control has been hit." That means there's no way the plasma array could be fired remotely from Var Lupra station.

When about 30% of hull energy is left in Harval's ship, Alice shows up in a Cicero and docks into Valkyrie, taking control of the plasma array. Luckily, it seems that this situation was thought of earlier, because Valkyrie's Khador Drive has been removed. Alice can't get far, so Snocom orders Keith to go after her.

Harval, on the other hand, believes that Alice is trying to escape the battle, and he tries to destroy Valkyrie before the plasma array could be fired.

"Alice!" Keith practically begs. "What are you doing? The lives of billions depend on this plasma array. Do you really want to be remembered for this?"

As Valkyrie takes damage from the supernova and Harval's attacks, Alice retorts, "Leave me alone, Maxwell. This is my station! Now, why is this damn Khador Drive not working?"

"We removed it. You've nowhere to go, Alice. But there's still time to do the right thing. Fire the plasma array!"

Valkyrie continues to take severe damage due to being this close to the star. Now, it looks like the station is about to fall apart any moment.

"Oh, cruds! I've been hit! I never wanted to come to this. I just wanted my station back."

Seeing that her doom draws near, Alice's final words are, "Oh, to hell with it. Send my little sister my love!"

And with that, Alice fires the plasma array.