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Ginoya before the supernova

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A closer look on the probe

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Evacuation of Ginoya: Part 1

Destruction of Ginoya

A few months later, the star of the Ginoya system, in the Midorian sector, explodes. Gunant Breh asks Keith to save his son, Gunant IV, who is stranded at Valpatro. Some of his crew are either dead or need medical attention.

As Keith arrives at Valpatro, he take note of the obliteration of the station, and the "tanning salon gone haywire." He finds Gunant IV in a damaged freighter, where it can be docked and its passengers transferred to Keith's ship.

The freighter explodes as Keith escapes with the refugees. Gunant IV tells him to drop them off to Tadram, where he will automatically go to. The captain of a freighter at Tadram will inform Keith upon arrival that the station has become unusable due to the gamma radiation, so you can't dock inside to drop off the refugees. He will soon be departing to the safety of Talidor, a nearby Midorian system. Keith requests that he drop off the refugees in his freighter instead. He agrees.

As the passengers are unloaded, mysterious fighters will appear. The freighter captain asks Keith to destroy them before the freighter can get to Talidor.

After the stealth fighters are destroyed, the freighter departs. Keith informs Gunant that his son is safe, and volunteer to help in the evacuation efforts. Gunant tells him that he can talk to Bargand Surr, who is at Midantha in the Talidor system.

Recommended Weapons

'Primary Weapons'

Icarus Heavy AS


M6 A4 "Raccoon"


Disruptor Laser


SunFire o50

'Secondary Weapons'

Ksann'k mines


AMR Extinctor or




Skuld AT XR or HH-AT "Archimedes"

Recommended Equipment


Beamshield II or higher


D'iol armor or higher

Repair Bot

Ketar Repair Bot II


Pulsed Plasma Thrust


Polytron Boost


U'tool or Yin Co. Shadow Ninja


Large Cabin*


The ' * ' marked gear is necessary to complete the mission.


  • You'll need a Large Cabin for this mission because 10 people need to be rescued.
  • You will be damaged by gamma radiation from the supernova, but you have enough time to complete the mission if you move quickly.
  • These fighters have stealth technology; they can become invisible for a short time. They will disappear from your radar, and some weapons that fire projectiles that chase your target such as the SunFire o50 and can't find them.
  • Follow the flashes of weaponry to destroy your targets
  • The stealth fighters cloak can only last 10 seconds so be patient.