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Katashán Station

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Meet Trunt Harval

Keith goes to the Alioth station to talk to Brent Snocom. Snocom agrees with him and the Midorians; the Terrans will help evacuate the Ginoya system. Keith updates Snocom on the the destruction of Ginoya's stations and the disruption of the evacuation efforts by the stealth fighters. Snocom informs Keith that Deep Science is working around the clock to find a solution for the supernova, and Keith couldn't figure out where the stealth fighters were coming from.

Snocom sends Keith to Trunt Harval, the leader of the Nivelians who took political control around the time of the supernova. He currently resides in Genoh in the Nesla system. Harval may have vital information about the stealth fighters, because he mentioned them as he took office.

Upon arrival at Genoh, Keith finds its station under attack by pirates. After destroying the pirates, a Nivelian contacts him and tells him that Harval relocated in Katashán in the nearby Paréah system.

At Katashán station, Trunt Harval greets Keith and talks about the stealth fighters. Harval seems surprised that Keith was not only able to survive an encounter with the stealth fighters, but also destroyed some. He leaves in a hurry after that, leaving Keith wondering about Harval. He decides to go back to Alioth and report to Snocom.


Meanwhile, back at Thynome station...

Moonsprocket excitedly informs Carla that he has found his data stick in his trousers, but Carla has finally had enough of Moonsprocket's weirdness, and kicks him out. Let down, he puts the data stick on her desk, and sulks off to Thynome's space lounge, and subsequently, many others...