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The Terran Carrier in all its glory

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Evacuation of Ginoya: Part 3

Terran Carrier at Tadram

As Keith arrives at Alioth, he is greeted by a stealth fighter attack. Suspicious, he docks at the station. He informs Snocom that Harval seemed to be preoccupied, and was surprised that he destroyed some stealth fighters. Snocom thinks that he was entranced by Keith's charisma, but Keith believes that there is something more.

The subject of their conversation changes to evacuating the Midorians. Evacuation efforts are taking place at Tadram, but the dropships need protection against the stealth fighters. Keith volunteers immediately, knowing that the alternative is going home to Carla and picking out curtains. Thankful, Snocom grants Keith a repair beam to patch up the dropships during the evacuation.

A Terran Officer greets Keith as he arrives at Tadram. Nearly 2000 people need evacuating, and the dropships will ferry them to a Terran Carrier.

The Carrier will depart to safety once everyone is on board. Before jumping out of Ginoya, Carla managed to make contact with Keith. She asks him to come back to Thynome, where Deep Science has worked out a plan to reverse the supernova. She also asks for feedback on curtains as well.


  • From now on, until the end of Supernova, you will be randomly attacked by stealth fighters. Be on your guard.
  • The dropships will rely on you and a turret for protection.
    • Upon destruction, the turret will still linger.
  • Make sure you equip your gamma shield and your repair beam.
  • You do not need any cabins for this mission.
  • The Nirai SPP-C1 has a limited range, so you will need to fly very close to any damaged friendly target for it to work.
    • An alternative is to purchase the Nirai SPP-M50 at Kaamo. This repair beam has longer range, better healing, and can heal up to 3 targets at once. ( K  You can only purchase it at the Kaamo Club.)
  • Remember, your job is to protect the dropships, not to eliminate the stealth fighters.
  • Each dropship can hold up to 100 people.
  • Try to keep all the dropships alive because the more dropships transporting means that the faster you'll finish the mission and getting out of contaminated space. Remember to bring a gamma shield even though Tandram is the least suffered from the radiation.
    • That being said, it is completely unecessary to try to evacuate the Midorians yourself... unless of course too many dropships are destroyed.