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Two stealth fighters launch a surprise attack on Keith T. Maxwell

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Gamma Shield Upgrade

Upon arrival at Thynome, Khador introduces a plan to Keith about launching a missile to the dying star's core before the supernova could render the entire Midorian sector uninhabitable for millenia to come. Khador has built a reverse matter core generator in a large missile, but it needs a thick hull so that it would not burn up in the supernova. The idea is to make a small, controlled black hole in order to implode the supernova. The problem is that so much hull is needed and the generator needs some room that the propulsion systems needed to be minimized.

In short, Keith has to launch the missile from as close to Ginoya's star as possible for this plan to work.

The closest planet to the star is the planet Naneroh, but even from there it wouldn't need to be close enough. The Gamma Shield I couldn't possibly survive such a long trek, so Khador gives Keith the blueprints for a stronger gamma shield prototype.

Ten percent of the gamma shield was already completed; Keith will need to use his old gamma shield, 5x Chemicals, 7x Nanotech, the remaining 10x Hypanium, and 12x of Cesogen Cores to complete the blueprint and pick it up at Thynome.


  • If you lose your Gamma Shield I try to look in Midorian Systems.
  • The Gamma Shield I costs around $40,000