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Khador is excited at the possibility of a supernova implosion

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Khador's Reverse Matter Missile

After the Gamma Shield II is completed and picked up, Khador requests that he will accompany Keith to reverse the supernova with the missile.

Two Deep Science Escorts will come with Keith to Naneroh, though they will leave soon after. Keith makes his way to the waypoint, which is approxomately 37 km away.

At the projected waypoint, Keith fires the missile. The star's response? Well, it didn't go too well...


  • Stealth fighters will appear literally out of nowhere and will try to stop you. Destroy them, but keep moving towards the waypoint.
  • You do not need to destroy all stealth fighters when you reach the waypoint.
    • Under normal circumstances, destroying all enemies is very helpful. In the irradiated blast zone of the supernova, your gamma shield will deplete over time, meaning that if you stop to destroy too many stealth fighters you will run out of time and die.
    • Liberators, while they can fly off on their own, allows you to deal against stealth fighters but your ship still moves forward. It takes 3 hits to kill one though.
  • The missile containing the reverse matter generator will automatically fire when you reach the waypoint; it is not in your Secondary Weapons.
  • Get a good Booster to get to the waypoint quicker. You won't be able to without a Polytron Boost .