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Keith encounters stealth fighters, and orders his wingmen to hold them off as he escapes

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To the Moon-sprocket or Bust! Part 2

Flabbergasters and K'mirkk Toad Mutagen

Keith finds Moonsprocket and Lampeter in Maissa's space lounge. However, they seem to have drank one too many drinks, because now they are speaking nothing but gibberish. Unsure of what happened, Keith talks to the barkeeper.

Of all of the people in the galaxy, the barkeeper had to be Mkkt Bkkt. According to him, Moonsprocket and Lampeter drank Flabbergasters, and they are in no condition for space travel. In order to get them sober again, Keith would have to bring them a rare and volatile substance: K'mirkk Toad Mutagen. It can be purchased in Bak S'ondorr. Bkkt will give Keith the coordinates to Me'enkk, where he will find Bak S'ondorr.

At Bak S'ondorr station, Keith talks to a Vossk dealer, who warns him about K'mirkk Toad Mutagen's highly explosive properties under repeated and/or heavy concussions. The Mutagen can be bought in the shop.


Meanwhile, back at Thynome station...

Carla is starting to miss Keith, what with him leaving Thynome on dangerous missions as of late. She is nervous when he doesn't answer her. Khador, though, seems out of touch about her feelings for Keith, which really ticks her off.

Back to Keith T. Maxwell...Edit

Keith has to take the K'mirkk Toad Mutagen to Moonsprocket and Lampeter to sober them up. Unfortunately, the Khador Drive generates too much heat when charging, so it's a suicide run to use it to get back to Maissa. Avoiding any hazards along the way, he makes his way into Terran space via jumpgates.

Upon entering Buntta, he is greeted by a stealth fighter attack. He quickly makes his way to the jumpgate before they could cause the Mutagen to explode.

As Keith enters Maissa station, Mkkt Bkkt brings Moonsprocket and Lampeter to him. The Mutagen worked perfectly; Moonsprocket and Lampeter became sober again. After thanking Bkkt for his help, Keith takes them back to Thynome.


  • See the tips about volatile goods to learn how to handle the K'mirkk Toad Mutagen.
  • Bring wingmen with you to distract any hostiles as you make your escape.
  • Use your cloaking device when necessary.
  • It is highly recommended that you make sure that neither the Terrans nor the Vossk will fire upon you at sight, because you will have to pass by their territories in order to bring the Mutagen to Maissa. This way, the only ones you need to watch out for are stealth fighters and pirates.
  • Firing weapons also subjects concussion.
    • Unequip your turrets from your ship, especially if it's automatic. If you forget to do this when you leave the station, simply turn off your turret.