T-yol armor 250
T'yol Armor



Tech Level




Price Range

-> 103,743$ (Oom'bak)
-> 117,922$ (Eanya)

GoF2 HD (Android) Price Range

-> 166,452$ (Ni'mrrod)
-> 186,864$ (Talidor)

Blueprint Location

Y'mirr System (Rr'ostam)

T'yol armor increases the defense of a ship.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

An ultra-hard armor from the Vossk elite production. This armor is the pride of Vossk industry and provides the strongest protection in the galactic market today. T'yol means "forehead", not to be confused with T'yool, which refers to the Vossk sex organs. This mix up has been the undoing of many an unfortunate trader...


Armor plating works by adding an extra layer of protection to a ship it is installed on. A ship may only be fitted with one kind of armor plating. The T'yol adds 250 points of protection to the armor points a ship already has.

When leaving a space station with armor on, the hull damage bar on the top left of the HUD will turn from red to yellow, indicating that armor had been installed. Any damage inflicted to the ship will strike the armor first until depleted, with the yellow bar growing smaller to reveal the red bar it covered. This damage cannot be recovered unless a pilot has installed a repair bot on his or her ship or until they have docked at a space station.

Even stronger than the D'iol, the T'yol is one of the many rewards for players that take time to explore the galaxy, especially when they are able to travel by Khador Drive. However, despite the 56.25% increase over the D'iol, ships can only last just a few seconds longer when they are the target of over 15 other ships. Therefore, it is very much advised to implement other defense methods other than just armor plating, such as a shield, an Emergency System, and very good weapons.

Blueprint Edit

The blueprint can be found in the Rr'ostam space lounge for $79,999, in the Y'mirr system.

For 1t T'yol:

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD (Android)Edit

For 1t T'yol:

It costs $229,222 to autocomplete.


  • The representative image of the T'yol appears to be luminescent in its grooves, a property exclusive only to this armor.
  • It is noticed that the person selling the blueprint got the plans from a Most Wanted Criminal.