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A typical Terran female.


A typical Terran male.


A Terran female (left) and male (right) at a Terran space lounge


A Terran pilot from GOF1

Description Edit

Terrans are on average 6 feet tall with skin colors varying from light pink to dark brown.

Most Terrans have dark green eyes although eye colour can vary. Terrans have blonde, red and dark hair on their heads.


Terrans are currently one of the most dominant species in the known universe. They played a lead role in helping to conquer the Void Threat, along with help from the Vossk and Nivelian. Terrans are all humans, pirates, and cyborgs. Terrans constantly try to explore the known universe. Terran ships are dark gray and yellow in GOF 1 and 2. They are currently enemies with the Vossk Empire.


Terrans fought a war with the Vossks which later became known as the Terran-Vossk War. After the Nivelian Civil War, many Terran rebels and outlaws also joined the newly formed Mido Confederation. In the Valkyrie Storyline about half-way through, Alice tells Keith T. Maxwell "Maxwell, if everyone thought as small as you, we would still be on Earth, picking nits out of each other's hair..." , which is a reference to the fact that Earth is the humans' planet of origin, and indicates Terrans are either descendants of humans or are humans.


  • Cyborgs and Pirates are almost strictly Terran.
  • "Terra" is the Latin word for "Earth", and commonly used in place of "Earth" in many forms of media, leading to assume the Terrans are Humans.
  • Terrans are very liberal and democratic. This trait is mostly admired by Greys and Nivelians, but disliked by Vossks.
  • Terrans have one of the shortest life-spans of any of the language-capable species.
  • Strangely, there are no dark-skinned Terrans in GOF2.
  • The Terran faction's full name is the Terran Federation.
  • Terrans can be considered human as when the player obtains 50 tons of Void crystals, Khador will say, "I am experiencing what you humans call excitement!"
  • The main protagonist of the game, Keith T. Maxwell, is a Terran.
  • Terrans, apart from Midorians, have some of the oldest looking ships and stations

Notable TerransEdit