Terran Battlecruiser
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Cargo Hold

10-100+t, sometimes none


7 D2A2's

The Terran Battlecruiser is the capital ship used by the Terran Space Fleet.

Characteristics Edit

The Battlecruiser serves as the primary starships of the Terran fleet and are impressive and formidable combat vessels that serve a variety of roles. Terran Battlecruisers are heavily armed with multiple heavy turrets and rockets and often accompanied by a large escort of fighters. They also boast impressive armor; Terran Battlecruisers are able to take large amounts of punishment from some of the most powerful fighter weaponry (namely the M6 A4 "Raccoon" laser beam) and even multiple nuclear strikes from fighter-borne Nukes.

Gameplay Edit

Pre-1.0.5 update, the ship appears formidable, but has absolutely no combat capability. Only patience and a method of dealing with other Terran fighters in the system are required to take one down.

IMG 0316

A pair of Terran Battlecruisers.

Post-1.0.5 update, the ship is as formidable as it appears. On top of the vast amount of fighter support it is usually accompanied with, the ship is armed with multiple auto-turrets that do enormous damage. They must be dealt with at range, either individually with beam weapons or as a group with the use of nukes to the ship's body.

Regardless of the version of the game, the Terran Battlecruiser can drop the largest amount of loot by far. 99t or more of an item aboard can be dropped, and sometimes you may even encounter more than that. This holds true for almost any item: Vossk Organs, endgame store-buyable weapons, equipment, etc. A literal mountain of anything can be found with the right amount of luck.


  • The Terran Battlecruiser, as well as the Terran Carrier, appear to use the Hammerhead D2A2 as their primary turret defense.
  • The Terran Federation and the Vossk are the only factions that possess capital ships in the GOF2 era.
    • The Terran Battlecruiser is the only capital ship available in the main Galaxy on Fire 2 storyline (i.e no add-ons). The Vossk Battlecruiser is introduced in Supernova.
  • This ship is seldom seen in orbit near a station.
  • The battlecruiser does not move when in orbit, despite having a visible propulsion system.
  • The battlecruiser has an inscription "T-AO5" in SD and "T-AOS" in HD on its sides.
  • 20 of such Battlecruisers have to be destroyed to earn the Supernova medal of "Destroyer Destroyer".
  • The battlecruisers are the only 'Capital Ships' that can be destroyed, both the Vossk Battle Cruiser and the Terran Carrier cannot go below 99% health
  • The first and only time two battlecruisers are seen at the same time is when Keith goes to the convoy in the Mido system. This is also the only time the battlecruiser will appear in another faction's space.
  • In non-HD GOF2 games, they don't have rockets.
  • Battlecruisers can commonly be found in the Pan system.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • To destroy a battlecruiser, you need to destroy the core/heart of the battlecruiser. Scan the middle of the ship. Make sure you scan and it says "Terran 100%" instead of "Turret 100%". Once destroyed, the whole ship explodes into pieces without even destroying any of the turrets. A good cloak (ex. Yin Co. Shadow Ninja) is recommended.
  • The easiest way to destroy one is using a bug. Activate your cloak and rub your ship at the small recessed part with a shiny light. While rubbing, fire the booster continuously and eventually your ship will get 'inside' of the cruiser. Since the turrets cannot attack you if you're inside the battlecruiser, you can easily destroy one without any complicated tactics. However, security force ships can still shoot your ship inside the battlecruiser, so manage your health and destroy the battlecruiser before you are shot down. If you get out of the battlecruiser while destroying it, run like hell because you are a very good close-range target.
  • Lay a string of Berger Sentry guns along one side of the battleruiser and let them do a lot of the work for you, just don't use an area weapon like a nuke until they have been shot down.  If the cargo is worth more than the cost of the sentry guns, you still come out ahead.
  • You can also 'park' your ship right behind the battlecruiser (i.e. touching the ship), which will give you some cover from the turrets.
  • A good tactic is to target the ship itself, activate a cloaking device as the sentries start firing on you, boost until you are next to the core of the ship, continuously fire until the cloak disengages and boost away. Swipe and boost once more to dodge the returning fire until you are out of firing range. Wait for the cloak to recharge and repeat until the ship is destroyed.
  • If you are planning to destroy a battlecruiser, make sure you are heavily armed and have good armour+shielding (ex. T'yol armour, Particle Shield - Supernova/Fluxed Matter Shield - Valkyrie/Base Game), as their heavy weaponry can easily rip apart unprepared pilots.
  • The station's security force will attack you if you attack the battlecruiser(or turret) over certain point( specificly, below 35% HP( on normal) or 60%( on extreme) on either the turret or the battlecruiser's hull). This is same as other normal ships, as they turn hostile if you attack them too much.
  • Another tactic is with the Vossk Turret at near max range.  The battleruiser will essentially be defenseless and you can take out fighters as they approach.
  • Terran Battlecruisers can take considerable EMP damage and with an AB-3 "Kingfisher" Tractor Beam you can clean them out in several EMP lock-ups.  
  • If the Battlecruiser is marked neutral, you can order your wingmen to attack it. The turrets will not fire upon your wingmen and you can actually order your wingmen to clear out all the turrets so you can finish off the defenseless ship. Furthermore, since the local patrol will not turn hostile unless you clear 30% of the cruiser's health, you can use your wingmen to destroy 71% of the cruiser and move in for the kill, thereby enabling you to escape easily.  
  • If you prefer stay out of killing range of the battlecruiser, use Scattergun and some long-range primarly weapon, such as Icarus Heavy AS, Disruptor Laser, Berger Retribution, Berger FlaK 9-9, Dark Matter Laser and all the Cluster Missiles you can have. But since this require you stay out of range and idle at 1 position( idealy 3100 m away from the battlecruiser), you must ready the situation that the security forces will chase you and try to shoot you down. So in advance, be prepare for local security forces attack at your position once in a while. This is the least recommended way because this will drop your reputation from all-the-way max allies to the bottom list of enemies.