Thadellonius Moonsprocket
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Thadellonius Moonsprocket











       A wonderkid with a proven IQ of more than 180, Thadellonius Moonsprocket was born to change the world of science forever. He made his PhD in history and archaeology at the renowned Arpalys University as a teenager and then went on to gain his professor title at the equally prestigious Valadon Academy. It was there, however, that he joined a fraternity called the Slobbering Sons of Sapience, who were disdained for their wild parties and heavy boozing rather than respected for their vast knowledge and scientific expertise. Even though he slept through half of his lectures and forgot more than he learned during these boisterous days, he somehow still managed to get his professor’s degree and join the reputable Deep Science team as advisor. Though Moonsprocket’s work – such as the excavation of a selection of ancient artefacts on Paréah – often resulted in a revolutionary finding or even in a scientific breakthrough, his eccentric character and unorthodox research methods quickly began to annoy his colleagues. And when he accidently set a whole lab room on fire during one of his alcoholic debaucheries, he was dismissed from his duties right away and excommunicated from the scientific community. In the years to follow, he nevertheless managed to make a fortune as the author of several pseudo-scholarly pieces dealing with a broad variety of populist topics such as the existence of other dimensions or the end of the known universe by the fiery hands of long-forgotten deities.

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Together with his companion and psychiatrist Brillo Lampeter, he now travels from one star system to another to collect information for his latest publication, an almost-complete guide to the galaxy’s various alcoholic beverages. It is during this adventurous trip that he will make the acquaintance of a certain Keith T. Maxwell who is determined to wipe away the hazy cloud of drunkenness from the professor’s otherwise-brilliant mind and escort the once-respected scientist back to his former place of work.