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This article contains plot details about Galaxy on Fire.

Trunt Harval is the Nivelian leader and the primary antagonist in the Supernova add-on. He assumed political leadership at the same time the supernova event took place. When he first met with Keith T. Maxwell, they shared notes on the stealth fighters. He reported falsely to Keith that they also saw these stealth fighters in the Nivelian borders. He was surprised to see that Keith killed a few of them, and said it was 'good news'. He was also responsible for kidnapping the Midorian refugees and planned to use them as soldiers. He was the one that started the artificial supernova in the Ginoya System , as Harval believed that the Mido Confederacy should have paid for their betrayal by destroying their territory . He was killed at the end of the Supernova storyline by Keith T. Maxwell.

Trivia Edit

  • He pilots the Scimitar and is the only enemy to do so.
  • He is the leader of the Black Guard.
  • During the final battle with Keith T. Maxwell, he uses a variety of weapons such as T'Suums and Garuda-IVs. He, Qyrr Myfft, Heinrich Wickel, Malon Sentendar and Urr Sakant are the only NPCs who use secondary weapons against the player.
  • Once he has been defeated by the player, his ship, the Scimitar, becomes available for purchase at Katashán in the Paréah System.
  • In the HD version of the game, Scimitar, Trunt Harval's personal gunship, fires a kind of laser very similar to the Disruptor Laser developed by Netor, the Grey scientist. However, the power output of this weapon is far larger than the Disruptor Laser, capable of eliminating the Particle Shield in just a few shots. It is likely Harval is using a Nirai Overcharge.
  • Trunt uses a laser similar to the Disruptor Laser.