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Valkyrie iphone wallpaper by djpavlusha-d46cyz4

Valkyrie Station.

Not to be confused with GoF3D's Valkyrie, the expansion pack, or the planet of the same name.

Valkyrie is a space station and a battlestation in the Her Jaza system.The station itself orbits Valkyrie planet, which bears resemblance to the backside of Jupiter. Its owner is Alice, who used it in her sinister plans. Eventually, Keith T. Maxwell's Khador Drive was installed on it, which later drove the station into Void Space, later to be used as a base for a Plasma Array in the Supernova storyline.

The visual difference between the Valkyrie's "normal station" and "battlestation" modes is that in "normal station" mode its sides are folded, while in "battlestation" mode they are unfolded, giving Valkyrie a cross-shaped appearance.


  • Since Valkyrie Station is also a spaceship, it is probably the second biggest ship in the GoF universe, second only to Void Mothership.
  • Valkyrie Station's tech level is 8.
  • To transport this station via Khador Drive supposedly requires 1,000 Energy Cells, according to Alice, despite it only costing 1 for your ship to get to and from void space.
  • The Valkyrie Station is also the only known station that has mounted weapons.
  • It is briefly seen in the Valkyrie add-on teaser, attacking two Deep Science ships with Liberators
  • The origins of the station are unknown but there is a fan theory that it could've been built by Berger or AMR but taken over/captured by Alice. Also, it may have been the only major station built by pirates, given the unique hangar.
  • It's named after the planet Valkyrie.
  • The mission of stealing the K'Suukk gives away that Valkyrie might be Alice's equivilent of Kaamo.