"​They have the technology to open wormholes and jump anywhere they like.​" -Brent Snocom, explaining the Voids to Keith T. Maxwell

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The Voids are a mysterious species who launched an assault on the whole ​galaxy at the dawn of the 37th century. The reason for their aggression still remains unknown. They possessed advanced technology and could open wormholes which allowed them to jump in and out of any system without a jumpgate. Because of this it is believed they are probably the most advanced race in the galaxy (assuming they live in the same galaxy).


In the year 3598 A.D, the Voids made their first attacks in the galaxy, popping up though wormholes and undertaking massive raids at various stations. This put a strain on the economy, as trade started to dwindle due to the Void raids. Wormholes opened by the Voids stayed open for prolonged periods of time, sucking in anything that goes near them.

The Voids were aggressive to all races and performed hit and run attacks on systems, while remaining safe in their isolated home-system. This made studying them difficult, as it was hard to track them.

The Terran Federation, in order to counter the Voids, founded Deep Science, a factionless research conglomerate developed to study the Voids.

For many years, little progress was made on halting the Voids actions. Deep Science was not able to make many developments on the Voids, and the economy started to come to a serious recession.

Eventually, the tables turned when Keith T. Maxwell joined the fight in 3624 A.D. Working for Deep Science, he and Dr. Carla Paolini discovered the Void homeworld. Using a probe, a Grey scientist named Khador discovered that their technology was based mostly on Void Crystals and created the Khador Drive using the same technology. However the Khador Drive is no where near as advanced as the wormhole generators used by the Voids as it is only able to warp single ships, rather than generating entire wormholes for ships to traverse.

Void Mother ship and their homeworld


A Void Carrier in the Shroud Nebula

After much study, the Voids were finally defeated through a joint effort of the Terrans and the Vossk, who forged an uneasy alliance to successfully destroy the Void mothership. Once destroyed, all wormholes across the galaxy closed, and Void attacks immediatly ceased. However it is still possible to enter Void Space through the use of Khador Drives.

After many years, the Voids returned to the galaxy. This time they appeared in the Shroud Nebula, bringing a variety of different fighters with them, along with highly technologicaly advanced carriers.

The Grey scientist Khador has stated that the Voids will one day arrive in the Neox Sector, and started developing various high-tech weapons to counter them.

​Political Standpoint and SituationsEdit

The Voids are hostile to all known species in the galaxy, and will aggressively attack all factions without provocation. The only observed ally to the Voids was Alice Paolini, after she genetically fused Cornelius Tenner with Void DNA, allowing him to act as a translater, at the cost of rendering Cornelius unable to speak Terran.


Void society is headed by various queens and under-queens, who control common Voids through a connective hive mind system. As a result, most Voids have no sense of individuality, and exist primarily to serve their queen.

Void engineering is the best in the known universe, and no faction has tech as advanced as the Voids. Much of the sophisticated engineering by the Voids is a mystery.


  • The Voids are the main antagonists in the base game of GoF2.
  • The Voids had at least one mothership and controlled at least one system which is only accessible with the Khador Drive.
  • The only person ever to communicate directly with the Voids was Corny, after Alice merged his DNA with Void DNA.
  • Void speech is illegible. The subtitles are random glyphs.
  • In the base game, a Void wormhole will open in a random star system and can generate Void ships. This wormhole can appear anywhere during the final levels of the base game story missions.
  • All wormholes close after completing the base game, leaving the Khador Drive as the only way to travel to Void Space after blowing up the Void Mothership.