The Void Mothership is a huge structure in the orbit of the Void's planet, that the Voids use as their station, before it was destroyed.

Although the Void Mothership is much larger than most space stations in the Galaxy on Fire universe, it is still called a "ship". Not too much is known about the Void mothership except that it required a huge amount of explosives to destroy it and that it was the source of the wormholes that plagued the galaxy.

The mothership had several struts that extend outwards. At the perceived "top" of the mothership is a giant pulsing (albeit rather harmless) ball of purple energy, presumed to be Void Crystal energy. It appears to function as the entrance or exit of the Mothership. The mothership does not seem to be equipped with any defensive weapons, or they possibly don't activate when approached.

In the main storyline of Galaxy on Fire 2, it took the combined efforts of three species, Nivelian, Terran and Vossk, to deal with the Void threat by destroying the Void mothership. The Nivelians developed a powerful explosive which was then carried in a Vossk freighter with a powerful shield piloted by Errkt Uggut and escorted by Keith T. Maxwell, a Terran. Originally Uggut was supposed to steer the explosive-loaded freighter toward the mothership and eject out of the ship the last minute to be picked up by Maxwell, but the freighter was damaged by Void fighters along the way and Uggut had to stay in the ship to make sure it gets to the mothership. In the end, Uggut sacrificed himself and died in the explosion.

Entrances/Exits Edit

These orifices located at the extremities at the end of each "arm" are believed to be what the Voids use as Entrances and Exits to their Mothership.
Screenshot 2014-04-03-16-19-28

Entrance/Exit 1

Screenshot 2014-04-03-16-23-43

Entrance/Exit 2


  • Flying into and around the inside of the ball of Void Crystal energy at the top can lead to some hilarious experiences, as the Void fighters are not able to enter the mothership (ironically) without being redirected by the game's engine.
  • Characters in the story call it the 'Void Mothership', but on locking onto it, it will be shown as a 'Void Station'.
  • It is unknown where the Void ships come from after the mothership is destroyed, however, it is likely that they hail from the nearby Void planet.
  • Most of the mothership is not actually solid - you can fly right through most of the ship. Producing a hitbox big enough to match the entire station likely wasn't possible with Abyss Engine 2.
  • In the explosion scene, Errkt Uggut's freighter stayed intact, even though the explosives came from inside the freighter.
  • When you exit the Void world after blowing up the mothership, you still come out of the wormhole even if you used the Khador Drive.
  • Void fighters are immediately present when the player enters the Void world even after the mothership is destroyed. This suggests that the Voids are now defending the planet instead of the station, despite the players not being able to interact with the planet.