The Vossk Battle Cruiser was a capital ship used during the GOF1 era and it was quite common. It returns in the Supernova add-on with rather different appears. The exact stats and drops for this ship are currently unknown for the GoF2 era.

In GoF1, this battle cruiser was first encountered in Mission 7, serving as obstruction to Keith while escorting freighters for Mkkt Bkkt, it became a mission objective in the following Mission 8, where it must be neutralized for Terran force's access, securing the captain.

ATTENTION: This is a page half-focused on the era of GoF1, which is a very limited game when it comes to information. Pardon our very short articles on all of the GoF1 Pages.


  • Health cannot go lower than 99%, due to graphical limitations and the difficulty of creating explosions this size.
  • If the explosion were to happen it would more or less crash the game.
  • The Vossk Battle Cruisers in both versions are known to have 6 turrets for defence and protection, photon blaster guns in the GoF1 (mentioned in Mission 8) and L'ksaar Turrets in the Supernova add-on.
  • The New Vossk Battle Cruiser's shape looks like the H'Soc.