Wraith (GoF3D)



Weapons systems

3 (Laser, Missile, Thermo



Cargo Hold


Wraith (GoF2)



Cargo hold


Primary weapons


Secondary weapons










Description (GOF2)Edit

Originally a Nivellian creation, the Wraith fighter has, in spite of its age, an excellent balance. Its high agility and its four primary weapon slots are worth noting.

Description (GOF1) Edit

A Nivelian development, the Wraith fighter possesses an excellent balance of both light and heavy weapons systems, a medium-sized cargo hold, and very high maneuverability

Upgraded StatsEdit

Upgrade Upg.
Cost w/
VIP Card
Armor 220 350,000 700,000
Handling 160 350,000 700,000
Equipment 10 700,000 1,400,000
Cargo 95 525,000 1,050,000

 K  Upgrades are only available at the Kaamo station lounge, in GoF2.


A Nivelian development, the Wraith fighter possesses an excellent balance of both light and heavy weapons systems, a medium-sized cargo hold, and very high maneuverability. It is however a lightly armored ship and is better suited to dog-fighting than trading or attacking large enemy forces.

The Wraith is a good competitor to the Ward of the Terran fleet, and is also comparable to the Phantom. It is slightly more expensive than the Ward but it has more armor and better handling than the Ward but the Ward has more equipment slots for a cheaper price. One should select the Wraith if you don't mind sacrificing 1 equipment slot and credits for better armor and handling.    

As a competitor to the Phantom, the Wraith has more primary weapons and secondary weapons, but the Phantom is more agile and has better armor. Both of these ships have 9 equipment slots and has a bigger cargo hold. In price the Wraith is more expensive, but you get better overall firepower. So one could choose any of the ships mentioned above, because they are about the same in capabilities, but choice is entirely dependent on one's personal choice.   

Characteristics (GOF1) Edit

The Wraith is a pretty good all-rounder style of fighter featuring good weapons and stats. The thermo weapons system pairs excellently with the mid to long range lasers and the cargo hold can hang onto a good 25t of loot. Other notable feature are it's armor which is very good and can make dangerous missions, like mine clearance less risky thanks to it's armor and versatile weapons systems. Overall if you are looking for a good well rounded ship the Wraith is a great replacement for ships like the Hawk and Icarus.


  • It is one of five Galaxy on Fire 3D ships that are included in Galaxy on Fire 2.
  • Wraith means ghost or ghost-like image of someone.
  • The Wraith differs from normal Nivelian ship coloring, it is grey/red instead of the standard blue/grey.
  • There is a very, very, very rare glitch that allows the Wraith to appear in the Ko-on hangar only once. Once the game restarts by closing the app, the Wraith will no longer appear. This, unfortunately, is unconfirmed.
  • The Wraith shares a resemblance to the newly-designed Aegir
  • The Aegir might be an advanced version of the Wraith.
  • The front part of Wraith somehow resembles claws of a crab's due to the small hole in the middle of the wings. This feature, however, might be more obvious in the Salvéhn or the Night Owl.