Yin Co. Shadow Ninja
Yin co shadow ninja 250



Tech Level




Loading speed


Energy consumption


Price Range

-> 57,642$ (Pescal Inartu)
-> 69,183$ (Mido)

Blueprint Location

K'ontrr System (E'kkide)

The Yin Co. Shadow Ninja is a cloaking device that allows a ship to turn invisible for a brief period of time. It cannot be purchased from space stations, but must be constructed from a blueprint.


For five energy cells, a ship can turn invisible with the Yin Co. Shadow Ninja in 3.5 seconds and remain so for 40 seconds. While invisible, no other pilots are able to track your ship, therefore stopping all fire towards you. Interestingly, though, enemies still cannot track you despite being able to see the projectiles and muzzle flashes coming from your ship's cannons.

Though the Shadow Ninja consumes the most energy cells, resulting in stocks of upwards of 40 cells for the most timid of pilots, its performance justifies the consumption. Many pilots find the 40-second cloak time very appealing, helping out the most in mining asteroids, hacking containers, and retrieving cargo in very hostile spaces. A pilot can leave many firefights with little or no damage at all with this cloak. This cloaking device is in a different league to that of the Vossk U'tool or the Terran built Sight Suppressor II.

In the earlier versions of GoF2, there is a bug in which whenever one activates this cloak on a VoidX, the ship gets an orange-ish tinge.


The blueprint can be obtained from Mutkin Kobus in the K'ontrr system, at the E'kkide station for $39,999, and requires the following:

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD (Android)Edit

This costs 361,176$ to autocomplete.


  • In the 1994 film, The Shadow, Yin Co is the alias used by Lamon Cranston before he becomes the Shadow.
  • In the news feed, sometimes it will mention Dr. Kobus Mutkin and his new stealth generator. Dr. Kobus Mutkin is the person that sells you the Yin Co. Shadow Ninja.